Peter VS the Pandemic Poltroons

” I have a medical condition…!” Or, why are some people so f***ing stupid?

This week’s column is about a subject completely different from what I originally intended to write about. THAT subject will be addressed next week.

Anyone else notice that things have been a little different over the last few months? Anyone else have an uneasy feeling about their environment lately? Anyone else evaluating the respective responses of the various levels of government to ” the new normal ” ?

We up here in Canada have been pretty lucky. All of our governments have ignored their political differences and, for the most part, have done what government should do at times like this, provide leadership and help out their populace with tangible assistance.  I can tell you, Loyal Reader, that the feds deposited some money into my bank account. I have used it to buy beer a) and groceries and pay for taxis, in short, I have put it back into the community to help out with the overall economic recovery. I am pleased to see that measures are in place to support a great many people and small businesses and further support will be forthcoming as government leaders grapple with the ever changing situation. ( I realize that there have been some people overpaid by these programs, but the federal government felt it more important to get the money out as quickly as possible in order give people fast financial aid. As a long time Unemployment Insurance Officer, I can tell you that programs like this are very difficult to deliver. I applaud not only the “bureaucrats” who mapped out the program, but the overworked staff members who had the responsibility of bringing their “dream to life “. I am appalled by the partisan rhetoric I read so often online, magnifying the deficiencies and glossing over the tangible successes.)

Around the world efforts are being made to resolve this crisis as governments, united by a common purpose and a sense of responsibility, establish various measures to deal with this problem. For example, the European Union has just agreed on a financial assistance plan which will be worth a trillion Euros. Contrast that with the American response, which is basically a one time minimal loan ……..unless you are a multimillion dollar business….or a mega church. It appears that some familiar characters in this modern kleptocracy have also benefited from their neighbours’ pockets , not only in ” the family circus”, but in the cabinet and even some disgraced televangelists. I find this very, very sad. Instead of supporting those who would benefit the most, much of this tax money is used to “gild the lily”. Shameful, senseless, in fact. Frankly I don’t know why Americans aren’t out in the streets…over this, as well.

Now of course, corporations can’t make money unless the worker bees are “at the hive”, so naturally there has been a push on to reopen various states, to get the workforce back under their yoke, back under their control. 45 has been leaning on states to reopen for business and get children back in class. The number of new cases has grown as a result of these moves, and as usual the dreadful people around the White House are putting their own perverse “spin ” on it. They have even taken control of the statistical data concerning the pandemic, allowing them to massage it to their own ends.

Various measures have been enacted in order to enhance the physical recovery of society. Our world is now delineated by strips of adhesive tape or circular stickers. We are urged to practice “social distancing”, to wash our hands, to not touch our face, to use hand sanitizer. We watch TV commercials extolling various kinds of Personal Protective Equipment, “touchless delivery ” of fast food and grocery stores which studiously disinfect their carts.

Now, when one is out and about and “social distancing” is impossible, the only viable option is to wear a mask. This actually makes sense. It is a great way to confine this life threatening illness, to protect not only yourself but those whom you come in contact with, not to mention those who are near and dear to you.  b)

Of course, as we all know, common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden. While this obvious measure makes perfect sense to most people, sadly society has changed dramatically over the last few years. The pushback against this preventative measure has been bewildering to me. Armed “patriots” have been conducting demonstrations across the United States, protesting against mandatory masking. These occurrences are growing, as are the numbers of new COVID cases in states where mandatory masking has not been enacted. Of course the lack of leadership in the United States is palpable at most levels, all the way to the Oval Office.

As the death toll rises, we even see governors forbidding mayors to enact mandatory masking regulations.  Think about that for a minute. You have the highest authority in the state forbidding the local authority to take steps to protect the public. Imagine that. I really never thought that I would ever witness such an event, such blatant disregard for the people.

Of course, that’s because the concept of “the common good ” seems to be fading away. We are seeing “ad hominem ” attacks on those who dare to speak out about the threat which COVID presents. People who disagree with what Dr Fauci, for example, is saying, simply deny the veracity of the statistics. They “cherry pick” quotes, deny science and show a shocking inability to truly understand how science works, that conclusions can change as new data becomes available.

People are pushing back against the ” tyranny” of wearing a mask by both public demonstrations and private “acts of defiance “. For example, a woman in California urinated on the floor of a store during a dispute over wearing a mask. Google is your friend, sadly.

And here in Canada sadly the madness has at least muddied the waters. Demonstrations against wearing a mask have occurred in pretty much every city. Again, there have been confrontations over the issue in stores, with racist comments and police intervention happening. Sadly, at least one life has been lost. Over wearing a mask.

I could go on and on, but a quick Google search should inform you further. For my part, although I am asthmatic, I am wearing a mask when I walk among my people. It’s the least I can do.

The individual I quoted at the beginning of this column? I heard them shout that at an employee at the door of a grocery store. I am amazed at how many people suddenly have “medical problems “.

Wear your mask, stay in touch with your circle, stay cool, be nice to each other.


I leave you with this wonderful poem written by my equally wonderful Aunt Louise.

The Swan

Oh swan I had your picture on my wall for years. 

You were the shell, my image, I guided my little ones from. 

Images from the generations past. 

Now I am released from my cocoon, no longer an image on the wall. 

My new me! So free to be!!!!! 

Now little ones, not so little anymore, 

I release you to the universe, to the stream. 

Free from me and all my ego ideas. 

Let your spirit soar to the music of your maker. 

I have heard my makers music, it is beautiful and inviting. 

Your makers voice is yours to hear. 

It is the voice of divine love, so you also can be the embodiment of its beauty. 

The embodiment of purity, dignity, grace, love, elegance and balance. 

 Louise Montreuil 


See you soon.

  1. a) You are welcome  😉 .
  2. b) As I always say, keep those who are dear to you near to you.

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