Peter Previews Upcoming Peter Posts

We here at “Don’t Believe A Word I Say ” are taking a few weeks off (August 10th thru September 10th). This column will therefore be very much abbreviated.

In the future, I will continue to write about important issues such as gay rights, the right of everyone to have a decent living, access to education, universal health care and the right to have a dignified retirement after slaving their lives away selling their soul “to the man”.

I will also continue to write about the great music out there that we don’t hear about. I  encourage you all to treat your ears to musicians such as “Suzi Kory”, “Crown Lands”, “The Reed Effect “, “The Crooked ” and “James Blonde”.

I also encourage you all to follow this outstanding blog. I am always in awe of the jaw dropping work of the other scribes, whether it is Roxanne Tellier analyzing politics, Pat Blythe bringing you up to date on the outstanding music out there, Jaimie Vernon turning on the “way back machine” or any of the other talented writers who make up this stable. Your eyes will thank you.

We are observing the 80th anniversary of the Battle Of Britain. I will be laying a relevant column on you in September.

I can promise you more exposure to our world when we come back next month.  As a clear example of the pendulum of Life, some of my columns will be sad.

Other columns, however, will be fun and vibrant and enjoyable. My life has changed for the better, and I look forward to telling you about it, inter alia.

See you soon.

Thanks to Betty for the editorial assistance.

Peter and Betty


2 Responses to “Peter Previews Upcoming Peter Posts”

  1. Damon Hines Says:

    Enjoy your down-time, Peter, take care, be well, looking forward to your return and sharing much more of your life and experience. Cheers!

    • Peter Montreuil Says:

      Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our blog, Damon. I look forward to writing a lot more over the next while.

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