Bob VS The Emmys Part 2-ish

Bob VS The Emmys Part 1 can be found here

It’s been a while since I’ve covered an awards show, and quite frankly, I’m surprised I’m kinda sorta covering this one …but I kinda sorta owe television a solid for a pretty good reason.

For the past 6 months it has been my constant companion, and, except for Facebook’s Newsfeed, a couple of websites, and a steady stream of delivery people who knock on my door, it has been a comforting companion throughout this mind-numbing period of little or no contact with friends or family. Oh sure, there is the constant stream of delivery people, but they are half way down the hall before I can yell “Thanks, stay safe” at their backsides as they flee toward the elevators and head to their next Santa-like delivery without so much as a “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Whatever”

I must confess, that I have taken to saying to no one in particular, “Who was that Masked Man, anyway?” as they disappear into the elevator and on to the next little settlement to rescue the town folk and settlers from those bad Hombres, The Covid Brothers. (I hear tell there are 19 of them …parents must be Catholics …with no TV in the bedroom).

One must keep oneself amused these days ….musn’t one.

I do have a roommate, a great one at that. We rarely have conversations that last longer than “Have a nice day” when he leaves for work, and “Goodnight” when he comes back …and that’s only if I’m awake and happen to run into him in the hallway. We occasionally have an actual conversation about this and that, some of which have lasted for a few minutes, and I get excited that I am talking with someone other than myself. It helps my sanity and well-being that he isn’t just an imaginary friend or a 6 foot tall rabbit named Harvey, which would make me either Jimmy Stewart or bat-shit crazy, and fuck that.

At any rate, I am in the middle of trying to make this apartment habitable for humans on the outside chance that one may drop by and actually come in, instead of knocking on the door and running away down the hall screaming, “Women and children first!”, so let’s wrap this up so I can open up a new carton of Mr. Clean’s CleanFreak pads, and tackle the kitchen cabinets..


Do a shot of tequila every time Kimmell mentions anything Political.


 The Nominees Are …

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” –
I know a lot of you LOVE this show, but finding humour in the lives of neurotic shlubs and stupid, self defeating choices, does not amuse me.

If I had been Jerry Seinfeld, I would have murdered Elaine, George, and Kramer in their sleep, and moved to Boca Raton Florida and opened a Sunset Dinner place that served an all day breakfast and closed at 8:00 pm.

“Dead to Me” – There is nothing funny about murder both intentional or by accident. LOVE Christine Applegate and Linda Cardellini, but, please …this is a dramedy at best, and a soap opera at worst. Maybe it would be a lot funnier of the deaths were caused by stampeding zebras and choking to death on a chicken bone that somehow found it’s way into a Twinkie, instead of multiple hit and runs and bullets. Maybe.  Pass.

“The Good Place” My favourite out of the bunch. Creative, innovative, unique, and wonderful story telling. Great cast, and if you don’t agree, you can fork the heck off.

“Insecure” – Yeah! Insecurity! What a riot! Yet another dramedy, this one also has a good cast and meaningful writing, and elevates itself by being about people of colour navigating contemporary life, which makes it educational on top of everything else. But it just isn’t to my taste. Being the age I am, it is difficult to be entertained watching middle aged adolescence and all the questions and tribulations that come with it acted out, when the memories of that chapter of my life are just as powerful as they were when I went through them. I always want to reach into the TV and shake the characters and say, “Jesus, take a pill …you’ll get through this”.

“The Kominsky Method” Stellar cast and guest stars, fine writing, and some good laughs, but alas …it’s another dramedy. I like my comedy adult, semi-mindless, and capable of delivering the semi-frequent guffaw out loud without someone having a complete mental breakdown.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” This is more a fictionalized biography about comedy, than a comedy show. Our Mrs. Maisel is based on the life and career of Joan Rivers, and is excellent on all counts …especially when Amy Sherman (Gilmore Girls, Bunheads) Palladino is involved, and she is all over this series. Winnah, Winnah, Brisket Dinnah.

“Schitt’s Creek” – …and not a paddle in sight.

“What We Do in the Shadows” – Bloody great! No, I mean REALLY Bloody Great! …everything about it …but it’s from New Zealand and sooo niche, I’m surprised it got a nod from the Academy. If it had a recognizable American like …oh …Robin Williams, or a herd of Kardashians, it  might have a shot …but it is definitely the Dark Horse in this race, which is a shame, because it delivers the most out-loud laughs of the nominees and addresses the human condition with insight. Unfortunately, it exists in a world where the mainstream obsession with vampires, sexy or sparkly peaked about a decade ago. If there’s an undead TV exec with a brain that hasn’t been made a lunch menu item for the mainstream’s current obsession with rotting flesh gourmands, this show will be run as a Marathon on All-Hallows-Eve. If it is and you are still hiding from The Covid Brothers under your bed, tune in. You will love it.


The Winner – Either Mrs Maisel or (Shudder) Schitt’s Creek. The principal cast of Schitt’s Creek deserve it for Body of Work alone. Brilliant comedic actors and actresses (you all know who they are). The writing, however, in the many times I have tried to get through an entire episode, has never given me anything more than a wan smile. Like Canadian success stories like Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas before it …it is not my pint of beer.

Would like to See – The Good Place win. All around wonderful.

Deserves the Win – The one with the Hilarious Vampires

Funniest Show Currently on Television – Archer. Not even nominated probably because it’s a “cartoon”. Hey, Emmy people …Go fork yourselves. Sploosh.

New Kid on the BlockUpload. Watch the first season. Seriously. WATCH IT NOW!

A Quick Note from Bob

Due to obligations that have gotten away from me, constant distractions, and not enough hours in the day (Where’s the 36 hour-long days I’ve been begging for, Jesus?) this is all I have time to post right now. I will continue to update it until the Emmy broadcast starts tomorrow evening. A new column from Roxanne will be posted on Sunday as well. Later, Gators.                                                                                  bob


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