Peter – Get Carded Every Day

Last week a friend of mine made a statement about their partner, stressing that they were not recognizing a special occasion, but simply wanted to publicly express their gratitude that the person was always “there” for them.

I gave it some careful thought and posted that I liked the fact that the person was taking the time and making the effort to acknowledge the importance of their partner in their life. My friend, for their part, was pleased with my conclusion.

I know that “milestones” are an important part of the human condition. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s, retirements and so many other “highlights” of our lives. We especially make a conscious effort to recognize “significant” dates. 40th birthday? We’ve got cards, balloons, wall hangings, even t shirts to not only mark the auspicious occasion, but let the rest of the world know. “Lordy, lordy, look who’s 40!”, as I (vaguely  😉 ) remember a) . You can even buy cards for “special” people, such as  spouses or parents or children. Anniversaries are marked by specific suggested materials, such as “Paper” and “Tin”.

While it is possible to buy “thinking of you” cards, they are certainly not as emphasized as “special occasion cards”.

After all, sending someone random good wishes on occasion is very nice, but does not offer the same opportunity for a concerted advertising/marketing campaign that Christmas or Easter does. (Grandparents’ Day, anyone ?)

I feel that we concentrate so much on “milestones” that we lose sight of the magic which exists around us. Sometimes we think so much about what would be an “awesome” 35th birthday present for that special person in our life that we overlook the fact that they are in our life.

That, Loyal Reader, is my point this week. By all means, celebrate the milestones, the birthdays, the anniversaries, the retirements. But don’t lose sight of the fact that that special person in your life is always there for you. They really “see you when you’re sleeping”, and they still hang around. They can see you at your worst, and yet care enough to point out “areas which need improvement”. Sometimes they will even do so calmly.

So when you are sitting on the couch with your beloved, drinking coffee and talking, or maybe not talking, just enjoying the moment, well my friend, just enjoy the moment. Relish the fact that your cat is making a powerful statement about their own sense of security by sleeping peacefully beside you.

Happiness is there, Loyal Reader. It is all around you. Take the time, make the effort to acknowledge those who make a difference to you, especially that special person who doesn’t poison your coffee, although they may have good reason to do so.

Well, you get a break from my wordsmithery for the next while, as we take our Christmas break. I wish you all the best during this season. Do your best to spread Happiness to everyone you can. T’is the season and all that.

See you soon.

  1. a) Arghhh, was that really 25 years ago??

2 Responses to “Peter – Get Carded Every Day”

  1. Damon Hines Says:

    Enjoy your break, Peter, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, to you, Betty and Coco; look forward to your offerings again in the New Year…see ya on FB, perhaps, in the meantime.

    • Peter Montreuil Says:

      Absolutely, Damon! I always enjoy your posts and comments. All the best of the season to you as well, my friend.

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