Facebookin’ Peter

Reading Roxanne Tellier’s latest column got me thinking about Facebook, and I thought about my own recent column about the platform. I too have been in Facebook “prison”, but in my case I got only one day “in the hole”, because I called an idiot an idiot. As I said before, not all liberals are snowflakes, and most certainly not all snowflakes are liberals.

And then I thought about how many groups there are on Facebook. The amount of information available is frankly amazing. However, sadly enough there are a lot of people who know a great deal about certain subjects, but won’t share it because of the number of “trolls” out there who seek to derail conversations and deride those who seek out knowledge. I myself will not participate in a number of plastic modelling and military aviation Facebook groups for that very reason.

But then, Loyal Reader, I started to think past the naysayers, the ne’er do wells and those whose sole purpose online is apparently to figuratively “throw their toys out of their pram”. The world is full of negative people who have accomplished little on their own merits.

I decided to think of the good things around us all, instead of wallowing in the morass of sorrow and anger that seems to be the favourite meal of so many others. 

On occasion I will re read one of my old columns, generally wincing when I see an error on my part, be it spelling, grammatical or simply poor choice of either a word or a phrase.  On this recent occasion, however, someone had left a comment. They had obviously given considerable thought to its composition. I glanced at it, the message jumped out and hit me right between the eyes. I re read it slowly, savouring it. I read it aloud to Betty, basking in the glow of a job well done. Loyal Reader, that is why I write! To know that my words had generated some thought, and that the person had taken the time to respond to me in a very thoughtful way just really moved me. I “cranked out ” a woefully inadequate response, as seems to be my standard reaction to feedback. 

Let me just say that I appreciate people who take the time to read my columns and I know that my colleagues agree with me about that. Personally, I am always amazed at the calibre of writing on this blog.

Another thing which I use my Facebook page for is to promote the great indie music coming out all the time. I got two separate PMs from artists very recently, thanking me for taking the time and effort to get their music out there. They both acknowledged that I have been “in their corner” since the early days. Again, very humbling for this old goat to read. My thanks to all of the people out there who make music, and I assure you that I will continue to help  “get the word out”.


One of my favourite music sayings is that you should be at the venue for the whole show, not just to see “your friend’s band”. Following my own advice, I became aware of, inter alia, “Ginger Ale and the Monowhales” and “Crown Lands”. Two energetic bands who read and write and rehearse and play anywhere they can, with as much enthusiasm playing in front of a crowd of 16 as they have playing in front of a crowd of 16000. Hard work and dedication to their craft have paid off.

Crown Lands

Both the re named “Monowhales” and “Crown Lands” will be playing at a virtual event…….

……the 2021 Juno Awards!!!!

How cool is that, I ask you?

And bands like “The Reed Effect” and “One In The Chamber” and so many others are releasing new music as we make progress on the vaccination program, and it looks like things could be better very soon.

Finally, for this week, in just over a week, it will mark one year since I got my life back. More on that next week. 

See you soon. 

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