GWNtertainment #32 by Jaimie Vernon

Well the seasons have changed and Daylight Saving has ended meaning you’re reading this blog by candlelight as daylight will now be limited to 4 hours in the middle of your work day. Caffeinate and stay alert folks. Oh, and bundle up because if that weren’t bad enough, snow is on the way if it hasn’t  already blanketed your front lawn. Keeping us comfortable through the hibernation months is more great music from the land of the Great White North.

Along with the new singles and news offerings below we’ve got a long-form album review of the brand new Terry Draper album ‘The Other Side’ on our Facebook page. It gives us a chance to dig deep into the release that’s filled with new epic audioscapes and videos that have been brewing in Terry’s studio Swamp Manor during the last year of lockdown. He has left for warmer climes and the rest of us get to ride out the winter with his latest epic album. Please check it out.

* Ottawa label Mousehole Music is trying to raise money to re-issue a CD called ‘Ottawa Rocks’ featuring all the music released by now defunct label Sir John A. in the 1960s. Mousehole released an initial anthology in 1995 and is out of print. The label wants to reissue the package as a 2 CD set to include song left off the first volume. They’re raising money to cover some of the costs. Got to the Go Fund Me page and get details.

* For those yearning for the days of hippie love-ins and Yorkville coffee houses, the movie A Song For Us which journeys into the past of the 1960’s, and then into the present of a British artist who reconnects with her long-lost lover. He is adrift and broken, a shadow of the brilliant folk singer she partnered with as a young singing duo in Yorkville. She is compelled to help him, and in doing so, she uncovers a revelation. The movie travels back to those days when there was hope for peace and change. Stream the movie here

* For any musician looking to score a vintage double neck guitar from 1988 and a piece of Canadian music history, Jeff Healey‘s black Jackson Siamese Double-neck is for sale through Toronto’s 12th Fret Guitar Shop. Inquiries can be made on their website.

* Graphic artist Martin Springett created the artwork for ’80s hard rock act Coney Hatch’s debut album and now the image is for sale as a fine art print to help raise money for The Unison Fund. Proceeds will go a long way to help provide emergency financial support to Canadian music-makers recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances that result in an inability to work, severe economic or personal hardship including counseling.

* Indie Week returns for a 5-day online conference November 9 – 13 inclusive. The 2021 program is set to feature a One-On-One interview with Marky Ramone (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee – The Ramones), Steve Stewart (CEO, Vezt, Inc.), Margaret McGuffin (CEO, Music Publishers Canada), and Michael Anthony Alago (Former Elektra Records Exec who signed Metallica). Tickets are now available at

* 1990’s Toronto Hard Rock misfits Slik Toxik have gotten the re-master treatment with 1992’s ‘Doin’ The Nasty’ album having been re-issued by Universal Music Group. Check it out on Spotify:

*Black Donnelly media has launched a series of full-length documentaries focusing on the culture of Toronto including art, music, fashion, and more called ‘Taking It To The Streets.’ Episode one is entitled ‘Killing Kensington’ about the history of Kensington Market neighbourhood. Episode two is entitled ‘The Queen Is Dead‘ about the rise and fall of Queen Street West. Interviews include musicians, DJs, club owners, and soundmen. Both episodes can be streamed for free from the production company’s website.

* The McDades will be releasing their new album ‘The Empress’ November 12. You can  pre-order it – with three tracks already available – through their bandcamp page.

* Oakville, Ontario born/Boston-based Pop-Punk Rapper Hollow River has a new single out called “September” only months after his last release “Still.”

* Toronto singer/songwriter Miss Lia’s new single “Animal Type” captures the carnal charge around setting sights on who you want. “I was getting ready to go out, and started ‘feeling myself’ — confident and sexy — like an empowered woman,” she recalls. “The vibe just came to me… I was watching myself in the mirror and started singing the melody of the intro. I came up with the first verse and chorus at that moment, and left them unchanged.”

* Celia’s Dream is the vision of front-man Justice Ausum, formerly of Sunny Day Encore. Accompanying him is bassist Cullen Angus and co-collaborator Chris Dimas. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, the band wears their influences proudly — ranging from stage legends like The Cure and Sonic Youth to Nirvana. Their ’90s sound is evidenced by their new single called “You.”

* Transplanted Columbian native Caro Lopez has gained international recognition as a dynamic and versatile artist, excelling in both film and music. Her new triumph is the single “El Latin Dance” produced by Roy Hamilton III; Lopez also brought in her brother, Esteban Lopez Piedrahita, an award-winning DJ and producer in Colombia, to infuse it with Latin drums. The result is a blend of both North American and Latin sounds. “A fresh and colorful mix between two important cultures,” she says.

* Boy Golden have a new single entitled “KD And Lunch Meat.”

* At 19, Toronto’s Astrid Tanton is an accomplished artist, writer, and producer. Having loved music from a young age (“Eye of the Tiger” was a favorite at age three) and starting to write with her musician brother at age 11, it was clear to everyone around her that music would always rule her life. Her new single is “Love You.” “This song came from learning to navigate love and relationships,” Tanton says. “Being young and falling in love is completely idealized by society, when it can be really difficult. This song focuses on the fear of being vulnerable and trusting someone to be careful with your heart. Love isn’t easy, but nothing worth it ever comes easy.”

* Nice Horse is back with a new single and fun video for their track “Trampoline.”

* Accomplished Montreal-based kora player and singer-songwriter Sophie Lukacs releases “Falling,” the first single, and title track from her upcoming debut album set for release in 2022.

* Inuk pop-rap artist Aocelyn has unveiled her new single and video for “I Wish I Was a King.” The song lands ahead of the 22-year-old Nunavut-based songwriter, vocalist, and freestyler’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Lovely’.

* First Lady of the Guitar, Liona Boyd has teamed up with Amanda Martinez for the title track of their new Latin-infused album “L.O.V.E.” due in 2022.

* Standard Electric has resurfaced with the vinyl and digital single ‘Xmas 2020: Drinking And Fighting.’ Don’t be fooled by the date; think of it like the Olympics—in 2021, you get to celebrate all the stuff you missed last year. Side A is a remake of John Denver’s “Please, Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas).” Side B is a remake of The Ramones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)” with guest saxophone appearance by Gary Gahan. You can pre-order the vinyl and download the digital tracks here:

* Jaimie Vernon‘s next single from the forthcoming instrumental album ‘Sounds And Silences‘ is “Waning Moon.”

* BUSM is a three-piece hard rock outfit from Oshawa, Ontario, and features Shawn Cormier on guitar, Dustin Cormier on bass, and Mike Loyal on drums. Their journey started as a comedic acoustic-rock group, but eventually morphed into “a three-headed dragon of electric commercial punk mixed with dark, erotic undertones of rock ‘n’ roll.” Their new single is “Smile” with a video that takes the piss out of misogyny.

* The Tragically Hip have another new single/video entitled “Not Necessary” from their recent ‘Road Apples’ boxed set.

* Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair – better known as Universal Honey – have returned after a long absence with a new single “Just Like U.”

* Where the pop/punk paradigm of the 90s left off, Toronto-based band LST IN HLYWD have picked up — and there’s nothing “Bittersweet” (the title of their new single) about it. The Toronto-area indie group of 17-20-somethings is laying down tracks easily suitable for the soundtrack to the summer of ‘96 on their debut album due in January 2022.

* Edmonton alt-electronica artist Rick Christian is asking in his new single and music video-turned-horror flick, “Will You Dance With Death?” “I wanted something dark that people could dance to,” Christian says, simply; his music is heavily entrenched in bass and synth, layering his lyrics inside the production. “I attempted ideas and techniques when recording and producing this song that I had never done before. The production and blending of the synth in the mix was the next level for me. The hours of post production really paid off.”

* Canadian hard rock band Live Animals bring the authenticity back to rock n’ roll with their new single, “Uplifting” from their new EP ‘(ep)iphany.

* Former Bearfoot front-man, and multi-instrumentalist Dwayne Ford continues releasing his epic soundtrack inspired music. His current album is ‘World On Fire’ and the latest video single is for the song “Angry Oceans” featuring Clara Sorace.

* Featuring the latest track to land from the ‘Find Move Love’ EP with Jey Oh and Slim Tyme, Calgary producer Chefbeatz and singer/songwriter Kelly Besd’s new song is called “Love.”

* Jack de Keyzer doing a great cover of Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman.”

This issue was brought to you by: ‘Frosty The Snowglob – Because Global Warming Doesn’t Take A Holiday.’
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Keep up the fight!
Jaimie Vernon, 2021


Jaimie “Captain CanCon” Vernon has been president of the on again/off-again Bullseye Records of Canada since 1985. He wrote and published Great White Noise magazine in the ‘90s, has been a musician for 41 years, and recently discovered he’s been happily married for 24 years. He is also the author of The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia and editor of “Sunny Days: The Skip Prokop Story.” Available through Amazon.

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