Another Message From Bob

It pains me to write this, but more bad news and ongoing computer problems mean I cannot get my column up on time. In order to make sure I can post Chef Tom tomorrow and then everyone else during the week, means I cannot stay working on my piece in one or two sittings, find and/or create pictures, and do a decent job.

The longer I stay online, the more often I have to reboot, waiting at least 30 minutes to do so each time.

I am beyond frustrated.

I will continue working on the column a bit at a time until it is finished, and will publish it sometime this coming week, or Friday at the latest. Interest in The Beatles has lasted over half a century, so another few days shouldn’t matter too much. …and it will give you much to think about.

Please understand I am not in need of advice, nor do I want sympathy or any other helpful input. …just your patience. That said …if any of you happen to have about 4000 dollars laying around that you don’t need, that would be enough to replace this beast and all the apps and programs I will have to purchase and reinstall. Have a great weekend. Chef Tom returns tomorrow.


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