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I love this guy. Punk rock (actually metal-head) goes cookin.’ This is NSFW. Like anyone is within earshot (in their lounge pants and dirty t-shirt) of anyone else, except maybe the hubby and a cat, and they don’t care. Yes, there really is an actual recipe in this, made with whole foods. He HATES processed-packaged-instant-meal-in-a-can kinda food.  He has a TON of videos that are quite informative and very entertaining.


From Wikipedia (just read it and shut up):
Nat, who has chosen not to disclose his surname, grew up in Sydney, Australia. He describes his childhood as being “difficult” with periods of suffering from anxiety and depression. He attended the Hillsong Church where his father was a minister. He left the church while still a teenager and spent time backpacking throughout India.

He attended a Waldorf school before studying singing and guitar at a private college in Sydney.

The YouTube channel began in 2006 and featured regular videos titled “Is it shit?”, where Nat would review a variety of topics and decide if the topic was worthwhile.

In 2016, Nat met his partner Julia Gee, known as Jules, via a dating app. She works as a graphic designer designing artwork for the YouTube channel and also films their videos.

In 2019, Nat was an ambassador for the UNSW Big Anxiety Festival.

In 2020, the channel began featuring healthy cooking segments when a stand-up comedy tour featuring Nat was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns across Australia. Nat noticed supermarkets were low on stock for jar sauces while fresh produce remained on the shelves during panic buying due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nat turned to healthy cooking and eating after having a lung removed due to complications from tuberculosis.

In September 2020, Growcom, a Queensland government–funded horticulture body, announced a partnership with Nat’s What I Reckon as part of their Eat Yourself To Health campaign.

On December 6, 2020, Nat was the guest programmer on the Australian music video television show Rage.

In July 2021, Nat appeared on the ABC long-form interview television show One Plus One with Courtney Act.

In 2021, Nat released two organic wines with Nat’s What I Reckon branding—named Reckon Roger & Ian’s Boating Wine and Nat’s What I Reckon Cheeky Redders Greenache—in a collaboration with Built To Spill and Dreaded Friend winery.

Nat is a musician with two Sydney-based bands, including as a singer and guitarist for Keggerdeth and drummer for the band Penalties.

Chili Con Can’t Go Outside

Lockdown Leftovers

Self Pie-solation


Wolf Alice

From The Guardian:

Two Top 5 albums (Blue Weekend, Visions of Life), a Mercury prize and a Grammy nomination into their career, they have come a long way in a climate where what would once have been called “indie” music is supposed to struggle.

It’s a recipe for a certain level of success, but Blue Weekend is fairly obviously a lunge for something bigger. The producer’s chair is occupied by Markus Dravs, whose CV – Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine – suggests that he’s very much the kind of guy you phone if you find your ambitions extending a little further than your present status. It’s a move compounded by circumstance: trapped in a residential recording studio by the Covid pandemic, the band opted to spend their time polishing an album they had previously thought was virtually finished.

More vids and stuff.

Smile: Lyrics

Formidable Cool: Lyrics

Bobby: Lyrics

One of their first singles.

Giant Peach Lyrics



Chef Tom is currently transitioning from Personal Chef to Private Chef. He also teaches cooking classes, caters small parties and leads overseas culinary tours. His specialty for the last twelve years has been cooking for people with food allergies and sensitivities. His motto is “Food should give you pleasure, not pressure.”

Check him out at

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