Peter and Coco Win The Betty

I need to do a little more research before I post the column I intended to post this week, because Loyal Reader, you deserve the best I can give you. I hope to have that column up next week. In the meantime, here’s a look at one of the mammals residing at Chez Montreuil-Stevenson.

When Betty and I realized that we wanted, no, needed to get together, I did warn her that I had been living a bachelor’s life for quite some time. She was therefore prepared for the casual storage of various and sundry items. She wasn’t prepared for her first encounter with the other member of my household, CoCo the Cat, and I don’t blame her. 

CoCo and I had been together for almost 7 months, and I had some concerns about her ability to accept a new member of the family. In the event, my fears were groundless, as CoCo very rapidly “took to” Betty. The bond between them grew, and it was only natural that when we moved to London in September, 2020, CoCo came with us. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, and Betty agreed with me, to my delight. 

I have to be honest and admit that my apartment in Toronto needed some work to make it acceptable. Our apartment in London was bigger, which gave us the opportunity to expand our horizons. CoCo was frankly amazed to find that she now had room to maneuver, a huge change from what she was used to in Toronto.

It was truly wonderful watching CoCo adjust to her new surroundings, as she suddenly became aware of birds perching on the balcony, for example. We have every confidence in her ability to ensure that our apartment is safe from bird infestation.

CoCo makes me laugh, especially when she walks across the living room in front of us sitting on the couch and doesn’t even look over at us. It’s like she has important things to do and has no time to tarry. I am reminded of myself,back when I worked, at about 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, in a hurry to get to the photocopier before all the paper was used up.

Sometimes CoCo seems to be fascinated by the television. She will then get up from the couch and trot over, climbing up and sitting in front of it. On occasion, she will reach out and put her paw on the screen, as she did once when there was a wolf displayed on it. She looked back at us, as if to reassure us that she would protect us, at least from wolves on television. 

Tiny but deadly Wolves! Stay back, I’ve got this.

Lately she has been jumping up on the bed, going over to Betty and meowing at her, apparently in an attempt to wake her up. It used to be that she would only do that when I was out in the front room, but lately she does it whether I am there or not. I guess that I am not as exciting as I thought I was.

She also sometimes gets up on the bed, moves to the headboard and gazes into the darkness in rapt fascination. We have absolutely no idea exactly what she is looking at. She just jumped up on the bed and meowed at me. I think she wants me to pay attention to her. 

Before I sign off this week, I am blessed to have a number of immensely talented friends. One of them, Patty Reuter Beaver, did a lovely illustration of our brat, which I think you will like. 

I think that it’s time to sign off. I just lost an argument with Alexa. Thank God that Betty is here, so we can hear “Stepping Out “.

See you soon 


A confirmed Cat person, Peter dabbled with being a water boy, a paper boy and an altar boy before finally settling on a career with the Canadian federal government.  Once, in his youth, he ate a Dutch  oven full of mashed potatoes to win a 5 cent bet with his beloved sister Mary’s boyfriend. (Of course he was much younger and a nickel went a lot farther!))

He has retired to palatial “Chez Montreuil”, which he shares with his little buddy CoCo the Fashionable. He is blessed to have the beautiful Betty in his life. He is not only a plastic aircraft modeller, but a proud “rivet counter”. Military aviation and live music are among other interests of his, and he tries to get out to as many shows as he can. He will be here for your enlightenment whenever the stars align. Profile photo courtesy of Pat Blythe, caricature courtesy of Peter Mossman.

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