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Chef Tom – Siete de Mayo

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Back by popular demand, my best Mexican dishes. The fifth was Thursday, but this weekend there’s more time to cook and enjoy. Here’s some straight-up deliciousness for your post-Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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Chef Tom – Whiskey-A-Go-Go

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The word “whiskey” comes from the Gaelic uisge, a shortened version of uisge beatha meaning “water of life,” also known as aqua vitae in Latin. 

Whiskey was originally used as a medicine, both as an internal anesthetic and an external antibiotic.

There is no wrong way to drink whiskey. The higher-end whiskeys (e.g., really old scotch and specialty bourbons) are often enjoyed straight. Some people like their whiskey on the rocks while others add a splash of water. This can open up the aromas and flavors, particularly of high-proof whiskeys. A shot of whiskey is popular and it’s often mixed into shooter recipes.

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Chef Tom – Salad Days

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One of my favorite all-American treats, and one that’s starting to gain popularity after having fallen out of favor for a few decades.

Iceberg lettuce (aka crisp lettuce) got its name from the method of transportation, once the cross-country train system was created. Before refrigerated train cars, they would pile crushed ice on top of the pallets of lettuce (at the time, the number one vegetable in the US). The heads would peak out from below the ice and look like icebergs.

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Chef Tom – The Pies Have It

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I’ve organized a Supper Club with around twenty food enthusiasts to meet for a group dinner every six to eight weeks for going on sixteen years. I managed a Gourmet Club for nearly as long before that.

The Pandemic slowed us down, but we never stopped, even though sharing a meal over Zoom is SO VERY unsatisfying. We have been back to gathering in person again for a few months now. Everyone triple-vaxed of course.

Our last theme was Jewish Food of India (yep, that’s a thing), and our next one is going to be Québécois Cuisine.

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Chef Tom – Nacho Typical Nachos

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Nachos – A Primer:
Nachos were born in 1940 when, as the story goes, a group of women walked into the Victory Club in Piedras outside business hours. But Ignacio Anaya, the maître d’hôtel, had no cooks in the kitchen. Anaya was known as Nacho, the traditional nickname for anyone named Ignacio in Spanish-speaking countries.

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Chef Tom – Thighs Matter

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Juicy, succulent, flavorful, and forgiving. What more can you ask for. Wanna feed the family on the cheap, or the self for the week? Here are three dead-simple recipes that pack a lot of flavor and some good nutrition.

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Chef Tom ‘Splains Brown Butter

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Brown Butter is the magic flavor bomb no one seems to appreciate. Until they taste it. Nothing matches the unbelievably rich, caramel, nutty flavor of browned butter. Elevate a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or enrich a sauce for pasta.

Brown butter is regular butter that has been “browned.” What you are doing is cooking the butter slightly past its melting point, just long enough to toast the milk solids in the butter. By doing this, you’re creating butter magic! It releases a nutty flavor in the butter that adds an extra layer when you replace regular butter in recipes.

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Chef Tom – Nat’s What I Reckon

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I love this guy. Punk rock (actually metal-head) goes cookin.’ This is NSFW. Like anyone is within earshot (in their lounge pants and dirty t-shirt) of anyone else, except maybe the hubby and a cat, and they don’t care. Yes, there really is an actual recipe in this, made with whole foods. He HATES processed-packaged-instant-meal-in-a-can kinda food.  He has a TON of videos that are quite informative and very entertaining.

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Peter Goes to the Mall

Posted in COVID 19, Family, Food, Health, life, Opinion, Review on February 4, 2022 by segarini

A few columns ago I mentioned that I wasn’t especially hard on myself if I had trouble remembering something. I probably should have been a little more specific about that, as I certainly wouldn’t want you to think that I was going through Life like a “potty” Peter Sellers character, getting by mainly through the kindness ( and tolerance  😉 ) of others.

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Chef Tom – Migas vs. Chilaquiles

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These breakfast cousins are often confused, but there are fundamental differences in ingredients and technique that set them apart. Kinda like twins. You have to look closely to see the differences.

If I were to choose the one pure comfort dish from the panoply of soul food meals I have consumed over the past six decades, it would be chilaquiles. My topmost favorite version is from a resto in San Francisco called Chava’s. They set the bar and I have yet to have any quite as delicious, satisfying, comforting.

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