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Chef Tom – Stories and Stew

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I’m ba-aack. Been doing a deep dive into creative writing over the last few months, as well as transitioning careers, so my schedule has been whacked. Thanks, Bob, for having me back.

You are always welcome here, Chef. – Bob

On a slightly different tack. If you would be so kind as to indulge me, the next few submissions will include three (very) short stories I’ve written as part of a program called Round Robin. For eight weeks we had to write something every day based on short “prompts” from the instructor. We had to set the timer for 12 minutes. No longer. Hence their brevity. Had to squeeze as much into a few paragraphs as I could. Some stories, as you will see, even have multiple chapters.

Alarm goes off…stop writing.

WARNING: These stories are for entertainment only. If you’re not up to escaping for a couple of minutes and allowing each short story to unfold on its own without much in the “deeper meaning” department, please do not read. Continue reading

Roxanne Tellier – Thanksgiving And VOTE!

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I have only two things on my mind today …..

First … Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving, on which ever day upon which you choose to celebrate the holiday, enjoy the moment.

I hope you are surrounded with people you love .. or like … or at least with people that you can tolerate, even if only in consideration of a nice, hot, three course meal at some point.

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Chef Tom – Chifa: a Fusion of Peruvian and Chinese Cuisines

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Chifa is a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines, brought to Peru by the influx of East Asian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The first documented Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru in 1849 to work in coastal sugar plantations and mines, to construct rail roads, and to extract guano for fuel.

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Chef Tom – Tagliata

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It’s summer. You have a heat wave. You want something hearty and filling, but fresh and seasonal. And you want a LOT of flavor. Ok, so you’re a normal, healthy person. Grab you favorite wine (this will be good with a big red, a fruity Zin, or a lovely crisp and complex Rose), some crusty bread, and someone you love to share your meal with, and have at it.

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Chef Tom – DIY Niçoise Salad, and On That Note

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This seems just right for the Summer weather, don’t you agree? An easy, delicious, salad, and some wonderful music to go with it.


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Bob’s Personal Top Ten Top Ten Lists

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People are fascinated by Lists. Just one more oddity we share along with the obsession we all have of being unable to stop ourselves from posting an opinion about things we know little or nothing about on Social Media, and waiting until you are in the front of the line at Burger King before deciding what you want, thereby pissing off every person behind you in line who knew what they wanted before they walked in the front door.

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Chef Tom – Miso Hungry

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Summertime means salads. When you’ve spent the day sweating and sticky, it’s time for a crispy Rosé with a refreshing chill, and a bowl full of nutrient-dense peak-season veggies and fruits.

In fact, the best time to eat something is when it’s in season. That’s when it contains the most nutrients and it’s nutrients that actually give food its flavor. So it’s a double whammy – not only is the food as nutritious as possible, but it tastes amazing!

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