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The single greatest living Canadian since Stompin’ Tom, who loudly and proudly celebrates a Date of Birth once again on July Five, answers: Continue reading

Pat Blythe – Women & Songs Redux….catching up…..and music

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I am currently spending some time with my mom…..trolling the local dollar stores for stuff neither of us needs, but enjoying the time out. The promised rain never appeared, which was probably a good thing as the air was already thick enough. We sat out on the front porch with a cup of tea and watched the fireflies the other night. It’s rather lazy days when I come to visit, although this week is a little busier with scheduled interviews for the series I’m working on. I’m also catching up with a few mutual friends of Greg Simpson’s and mine.

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Chef Tom and The Desserts of Yotan

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I have posted recipes from my favorite chef here before. The man has some of the most innovative, inspiring, and crazy-delicious recipes ever. I love his refined rusticity. Here are three of his sweeter offerings. I made the Sweet Labneh and Rhubarb just today and it is killer.

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Very late one evening in the very late 1980s, my oldest pal Doug and I were dejectedly roaming the Rogers cable when we suddenly chanced upon footage of these two guys pounding music out on someone’s porch.

Our collective jaws – to say nothing of the remote – immediately dropped.

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Pat Blythe – Going to the movies…..and music

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I’ve written three columns over the past 36 hours. None of which I’m happy with. The air outside is rife with frustration, sadness and depression…..but mostly frustration. No clubs, no bars, no live music…..sorry folks, streaming doesn’t count…..and restaurants opening cubicle style with wait staff wearing PPE. Not my idea of a fun evening dining out.

So…..a little amusement and lightheartedness. Something to make you laugh (or at least smile). Let’s start with movies since our noses seem to be permanently pressed up against our computer (or TV) screens these days.

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I type this through tears. At this moment my old pal Greg Simpson is on life support in a London hospital. And I fear for his life. Suddenly a flood of memories come back to a 20 year friendship all of which involved good times.

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Chef Tom – Meat and Potatoes The Blues …and a Whiskey

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Call me old fashioned. Sometimes you just wanna go back to your roots. Doesn’t mean you can’t apply a smidge of sophistication. Continue reading


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Lighthouse was gradually becoming a North American force to be reckoned with. They were making in-roads on tour on both sides of the border having performed a city-wide tour with the Winnipeg Ballet, played at Carnegie Hall in New York, The Isle of Wight Festival with Jimi Hendrix, the Atlantic City Pop Music Festival, and Expo 70 in Japan. In a short 18 months, Lighthouse had released three studio albums for RCA Records. They were a live sensation, but they weren’t selling a lot of albums. Something needed to change.

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Chef Tom – Cherries! Food and Music!

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 It’s cherry season. There are thousands and thousands of recipes. There are tons of nutrients and health benefits with this jewel of the stone fruits.

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Pat Blythe – Out with the old…..the roof…..and music

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I am starting with a song and lyrics simply because I think everyone should listen to this. It’s evocative. It’s emotive. It’s powerful. It has me weeping uncontrollably. We’re going to be more than okay. We are all shooting stars.

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