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Pat Blythe – The Women of Rock Redux Part 2 – SOOOOOOZZZZZEEEEE…..and music

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I seem to mixing up some of this series as I come across various versions from six years ago. I had Suzi with Joan and Chrissie but I’ve covered the latter two already. Beside, Suzi deserves her own column. So….although today’s piece is all about the Suzi Q, Joan and Chrissie are still part of her story.

I hadn’t thought of Suzi in ages…..eons really and surprisingly, out of the three women Suzi is the only one I’ve actually seen live. So, after trolling the internet (still my permanent residence these days six years later) I began to connect the dots and realized that not only she was a contemporary of both Joan and Chrissie, all three were the leaders of their own bands, a rarity for the times.

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GWNtertainment #15 – Jaimie Vernon

Posted in music, Opinion, Review on May 3, 2021 by segarini

Welcome, my friends, to the blog that never ends. That’s because there’s music all the time. Every minute of the day some dedicated musician is either starting or completing another idea that will plug the ear holes of music lovers somewhere, anywhere. The most amazing thing about music is that it never runs out. You can refill your music cup forever. The perpetual emotion machine, as it were. So, come along with us again today as we get your cup to runneth over with new Canadiana. 

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Roxanne Tellier – Aging and Changing

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Teenaged me wasn’t very smart.  “Hope I die before I get old.”Never trust anyone over 30.” I’d not yet heard of the 27 Club, but if I had, I might have aspired to joining it, thus avoiding becoming untrustworthy.  

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Chef Tom is Feelin’ Mighty Soulful

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Segarini Presents – Celebrity Believe It or Don’t!

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I have said it before, and I will say it again. The Mainstream Audience LOVES their public figures to be weird, quirky, odd, strange, possessed, mentally unstable, drug addled, alcoholic, Re-Hab invulnerable, mouthy, shallow, deep, oblivious, and/or strangely coiffed or have an artistic deformity. Why? Because everybody knows if you have green hair, dress like a Circus act, own a dolphin, go shopping driving a zamboni, or have a prehensile tail, you are a better singer, actor, or politician than all the others. If you can grow a third arm in the middle of your forehead …you will be destined to be the greatest whatever-you-are until the end of time.

Or until someone comes along whose genitals can recite the Declaration of Independence.

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Peter on Television

Posted in Opinion on April 29, 2021 by segarini

Television has had a major influence on society, although whether for good or for ill is up for discussion. Anyway, today I am going to revisit the television of my youth, and I may even touch on a more recent incarnation of it before I run out of stuff to say this week. 

My earliest memories of television are those of a black and white Cyclops, which covered 3 channels, unless you had “rabbit ears”. The stations that you could access would play the National Anthem at around midnight, then go off the air. If you turned on the TV between then and about 7:00 A.M., you would either see a test pattern or a screen composed of a display of horizontal lines, accompanied by a soundtrack of white noise, which my siblings and I christened ” the early morning gunfight”. (We were between the ages of 4 and 7 at the time, so were somewhat bereft of imagination.)

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Pat Blythe – Women of Rock Redux – The First Five – Part One…..and music

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Another piece from 2015. I loved writing these series and my research quests have only increased over time. I’ve also rearranged things a bit but kept the same general format the original column was in. Six years later there are more names to add. Originally a five-part series, I may just add one or two more “parts” to it down the road. So in all its 2015 glory, I present to you some of the women who rock.

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The Magic Hour Part Two – Part Two: A Change is Gonna Come

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Those nascent days on The Magic Hour were like being airlifted into a room awash in eggshells while wearing size 26 snow boots. Every attempted micro-step caused annoyed and bitter heads to swing in our unintentionally crunchy direction. Needless to say, our relationship with the head writer, Pete, was tense at best. We were about as popular as having Matt Gaetz attend your high school prom.

The panicky act of Fox dragooning us onto the show had basically taken a Weed Whacker to his nether parts. Severely truncheoned his pink and tenders. Wantonly augered his… well, you get the idea.

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GWNtertainment #14 – Jaimie Vernon

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Roxanne Tellier – Time Enough at Last

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When it comes to excuses, I’ve got a million of ‘em. Even now, as I should be writing this column, I am thinking of two dozen other things that I should be doing first – like alphabetizing the vitamins in the bathroom cabinet or swinging up to the grocery store for some spices that I won’t need until Halloween.  

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