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Chef Tom’s Morning Bowl and Swinging Sven

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What better way to start your day than a healthy breakfast bowl and some Electro Swing dancing?

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Chef Tom – Parker/Parkour

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From the Master himself, the Grand Daddy of the Pillsbury Doughboy himself, James Beard, and one of my top-tiered go-to recipes sites, Serious Eats (includes a secret ingredient for extra fluffiness), comes two ways to make one of THE best bread rolls ever.

We’re all baking now, amirite? Roll up your sleeves, put on some tunes, and pour a glass of good wine. It’s ok to dance around the kitchen. No one’s looking. Except your husband, who knows you’ve gone round the bend, your kids, who are climbing the walls like Spiderman and screaming like Banshee, and your cat, who doesn’t really give a shit.

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Chef Tom Jams Bread and Butter

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Alright, take a deep breath. Notice how much extra time is on your hands right now. Notice, too, that boredom has been kept at bay for a while, but it might be rearing its ugly head a bit more these days. Finally, embrace the insistence, the doggedness, the determination of your body, mind, and soul for pure, straight-up comfort food.

Now, read through these three recipes and visualize the sheer, indulgent, no-place-like-home, grandma’s-in-the-kitchen, oh-my-god-this-is-so-good nostalgia of it all, as you sit down with a good cup of tea and fix yourself a lovely-and-large slice of still warm homemade whole wheat bread, slathered with good butter and sweet jam – that you made yourself!

Got it? Can you see it? Is your mouth watering?

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Chef Tom with a Solo Suggestion a Comforting Recipe and some Delightful Music

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Joyce Goldstein is one of my all-time favorite chefs. I own a half dozen of her cookbooks, including one that I return to over and over. Solo Suppers was designed with the single diner in mind, but, according to Chef Goldstein, the recipes double really well. So, if you and your partner are hunkered down together, this would be a great cookbook to own.

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Chef Tom – Crumbles, Crisps, Cobblers, Brown Bettys, Pandowdies, and Buckles …They all Good

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What makes a crisp a crisp or a buckle a buckle? Spring has sprung and in many areas of the world, with spring and summer comes an overabundance of fresh fruits. Makes this an ideal time to get our comfort food desserts sorted out.

(adapted from NY Times Cooking)

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Chef Tom’s Grown Up Grilled Cheeses and The COVID-19 Songbook

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Thank You, Cheeses!

Welcome to Grilled Cheese Heaven.

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? Not on anyone’s diet, I know, but SIP requires comforting our aching souls in any way we can, right?

Nothing plain about these recipes. You can always do these as they are written, or you can use them to spark your imagination, then take a close look at your Quarantine Cuisine Pantry and build your own. If you DO make it out to the store, make a list of the key ingredients you’d LIKE to have and then spend the weekend challenging the elastic on your fat pants.** Continue reading

Chef Tom’s Tales and Tuna

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Editor’s Note – Chef Tom has requested a No-Pictures presentation of today’s column. He wants you to use your Theatre of the Mind to conjure up the characters, locations, and story. Experience the age old Joy and Immersion of Reading the Printed Word.

In the Round Robin writing course, even though I was to write one story per day with a time limit of 12 minutes per story, I liked, from time to time, writing multiple chapters of the same saga. This one was fun to explore. The titles of each “chapter” were the daily writing prompts. They were not linear, either, but putting them all together after, there is a definite arc.

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