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Chef Tom and the Moroccan Spaghetti Meatballs of Wow

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As whatever we have melting together in our giant global melting pot, some of the culture clashes really don’t work, and others end up creating something greater than the sum, etc.

Last week we sent Ms. American Meatloaf on an immersion adventure to the Middle East. She came home looking sultry and sensual. You could hear the 3/3/2 rhythms of Arab khaligi beat.

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Chef Tom Herndon – Tired of Mom’s Meatloaf? Try Tom’s Meatloaf!

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American Comfort Food meets The Middle East

Ok, meatloaf is classic good-ol’-‘mericun comfort food. Like, really comforting. Like jammies, slippers, blankie, and a well-loved movie comforting. \Why the very name contains the word “loaf.”

Meatloaf can also be rather bo-ring. Like desert-is-a-beige-riot boring, or salt-free-chewy-sawdust boring.

I needed to stock the fridge for the week. I wanted something mashers-n-peas, with a big slab o’ meat comforting.

But I also wanted to turn up the volume on flavor. One of my top fave flavor profiles is Middle Eastern. Bold, earthy, tribal ingredients: warm spices like coriander, cumin and cinnamon; the tang of preserved lemons, olives, and feta; the spicy-hot of good harissa; pine nuts, pistachios, and pita bread. Yes?

Traditional Middle Eastern flavor profiles have been proven over centuries. In every mouthful you can taste the history.

So my little chef-mind started buzzing and I came up with this. I have a well-used, plain-Jane recipe that’s tasty enough, and I’ve cooked a hundred times. Something called Mama’s Meatloaf. So I slapped a Middle Eastern filter on my brain-pan and conjured up something that was even tastier. Still pushed all my comfort food buttons, but was not even close to boring. This one’s a keeper.

Try it. You might never return to your mom’s tried-and-true meatloaf again.

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Chef Tom – Coffee Roasted Pork, Citrus Salad and Tasty Music

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Ok, this was killer. I know, it’s an intimidating list of ingredients, but the coffee rub for the pork you can store the extra for other uses, so it’s well worth the effort.

The salad is also complex, but the combination of all the flavors will have your guests, or your dinner companion, extol their highest praises to your very self.

You can do the pork on its own, as well as the salad, but together…trust me, they’re magic.

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Chef Tom – Moroccan Lamb and Preserved Lemons

Posted in Recipe with tags , , , , , on January 26, 2019 by segarini

Some recipes you just keep going back to. I found this one two decades ago. It allows me do a bit of travel, at least in my mind. The name conjures up blue walls, dark skin and gold teeth beneath red fez, narrow winding aisles in the noisy souk, pyramid shaped piles of exotic spices, and on and on.

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Chef Tom – Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Classic holidays song, been around for ages, though today it’s being chased through the virtual jungle by Social Justice Warriors (something about misogyny and male domination) because they’re a bored bunch, are indoors at this time of year, and there’s really nothing to do, so what the hell.

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Chef Tom – The Humble Dumpling

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Dumpling. The name says cute, like the word dimple. Dumplings are comfort forever, doughy and soft as a pillow. No one eats a dumpling and stays mad. Wee floating clouds, swelling as they soak, holding onto their savory juices like a secret. Dumplings are cushions of custard, content to bathe in a creamy-sweet vanilla-scented bath, just a little bit longer please.

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Chef Tom – Chili Verde

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Shirley was generous enough to give us her recipes. Her Mexican food restaurant on the main square in Oroville did good business. My dad, my brother and sister, and I, were regulars at Casa Vieja (house of the old woman). Shirley and her brother Chano were always happy to see us. Dad taught the three of us kids to say “Gracias por la cena” which meant thank you for the dinner.

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