Peter Picks a Peck of Players

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One of the things that most impressed me about Frank Gutch Jr’s “nose for noise” is that he started finding this great music before the Internet, almost before electricity, in fact 😉. The Internet has made such a difference in our lives, connecting us mostly for good, but sometimes for bad, sadly. In any case, it has certainly eased our access to music of all kinds, genres and eras.

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Pat Blythe – CMW and Playing Catchup with JRLMA, Hot Lips and more…..

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It’s May!!!! Festival season has begun with Canadian Music Week (CMW) and there is something for everyone. From the neophyte to the cynical lifer, CMW includes seminars and panel discussions covering Tech, Music and Radio; Mentor’s Café; Film and Music Festivals, always something to learn.  ….and then there’s the networking…..better known as schmoozing…..done to a fine art. Once again the downtown Sheraton Conference Centre is command central and the heartbeat of CMW. It’s where all the conference sessions take place, the trade show for all things shiny and new is ensconced and of course, much meeting and greeting is done in the lobby bar.

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Frank Gutch Jr: The Second Time Around….

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Editor’s Note – When I promised that Frank would always be here, I wasn’t kidding. In the weeks to come you will be introduced to one of Frank’s closest friends, whose writing will be presented here, as well as co-writes with Frank, and some of Frank’s work which has never been seen in these pages. The rest of the time on Tuesdays Frank’s original columns will be reproduced here, in the order in which they originally appeared, starting with this one…his first.From September 7th, 2011.

They say life is better the 2nd time around…Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Frank Gutch Jr….

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Roxanne – On CMW, the Professionally Offended, and a PSA

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In just a few days, the pilgrimage begins. Musicians, writers, broadcasters, exhibitors and salespeople will head for the Sheraton Hotel, where the 37th annual presentation of Canadian Music Week will be held from May 7th to May 13.

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Nadia Sends a Letter to Frank….

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Dear Frank,

I know I’m supposed to be writing about you, but ever since I learned you’d left us for the record store in the sky, all I’ve really wanted was to talk to you one last time.

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Segarini – Frank Has Left via the Door Into Summer

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“When we were living in Colorado there was snowfall. Our cat — I’m a cat man — wanted to get out of the house so I opened a door for him but he wouldn’t leave. Just kept on crying. He’d seen snow before and I couldn’t understand it. I kept opening other doors for him and he still wouldn’t leave. Then Ginny said, ‘Oh, he’s looking for a door into summer.’ I threw up my hands, told her not to say another word, and wrote the novel The Door Into Summer in 13 days.” – Robert Heinlein

Since he passed away, I kept wondering if Frank ever read this book. I didn’t realize why until yesterday….

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Peter Pays Tribute to Frank – “The Soul of Encouragement”

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I never met Frank Gutch Jr. in person. I never communicated with him over the telephone or via Skype. Yet I still felt a great sense of loss when I learned of his passing.

His columns were always well written and informative, and he had a “nose for noise” which I frankly envied and admired. Note that his musical taste was not limited to one genre or era, either. “Where does he find all these great bands I’ve never heard of?” I would repeatedly ask myself as I read his latest column. One never “struggled” through a Frank Gutch Jr. column, by the way. A very talented writer, he caught your attention with his style, and kept it with his content.

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