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Roxanne Tellier -The Dog Ate My Homework

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Considering I’ve had two weeks to mull over my first column of 2015, you’d really think I might have accumulated a mass of goodies to share with the readers of the little blog that could. (Speaking of which … congratulations Bob Segarini for dragging the DBAWIS motley crew along to the 1000 posts milestone!)

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When not deep down in the basement with Dylan’s 11th Bootleg Series, or in the studio as Mike Nesmith bravely barks orders at the Wrecking Crew on that Super Deluxe version of the first Monkees album, Gary had both ears peeled directly towards – in strictly alphabetical order as always, that is…
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vernon_19972Well, we survived 2013. Most of us anyway. The entertainment industry lost nearly an entire generation of scenemakers from Jackie Lomax to Ray Manzarek to Slim Whitman to James Gandolfini to Annette Funicello to Peter O’Toole. The people making some of the greatest art of the last century have left it up to us to carry on without them. And we’re failing to do so at an alarming rate. Can you imagine anyone mourning the old-paris-hiltonloss of a Jonas Brother or Paris Hilton in 50 or 60 years time other than their families? The global glue that connects us through the arts has been replaced by the transient flypaper brought to us by Snatch Chat and Twatter.  No wonder we hold onto our pop icons from the past for so long. Once they’re gone, we might very well lose the soul of music, film, stage, etc., forever. And that’s not just me spewing my usual dramatic hyperbole. I usually say let sleeping dogs lie while the new generation wages their own rebellion. Except the new rebellion wears designer logos, auto-tunes and sues the estates of dead soul singers pre-emptively in case the estate sues them first for stealing said dead soul singer’s music [Yeah, I’m talking about you Robin TheDicke].

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll –OK It’s 2014

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CamMy wrap up of 2013 can be found HERE 

Here is an alphabet of thoughts for the New Year.

Arsenal. Could this be the year for my boys? As the calendar turned they were still top of the table and alive in Champions League and the FA Cup. It has been eight years without a trophy but they are winning games that they shouldn’t and keeping their composure when put in difficult positions. Arsene Wenger is now the premiere manager in English football and the lads are believing in his system and playing his game. #COYG

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Segarini: Good News, Everyone!

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Good News EveryoneWelcome to 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that’s over and we have a brand new year to muck up.

I am pleased to announce that DBAWIS is kicking off its 2014 series starting on Monday, January 13th with all new articles from who I believe to be some of the finest writers available online.

Thank you for coming here since 2011, and especially for returning again and again, even during our yearly hiatus during the Holidays. With almost 250,000 views, it was with gratitude I saw many of you catch up on the almost 750 archived columns contained herein for your dining and dancing pleasure.

We will endeavor to keep you entertained, amused, and informed throughout 2014 and beyond, and hope you stick with us and let us know what you like…and what you don’t.

We kick off next week with most of the writer’s year end wrap ups, and then it’s back to new content every day (or as ‘every day’ as we can manage).

DBAWIS Cast and Crew

The DBAWIS Cast and Crew

Bob, Cam, Roxanne, Frank, Jaimie, Nadia, Gary, Doug, Justin, Darrell, and contributers Jade, and Emy

Let’s make this a year we won’t be embarrassed by when it’s over….


Here’s a tiny preview of my 2013 wrap up, which will appear on Monday…and thanks again for your support.

Segarini: 2013 – What the Fuck Was That?

All years are either good, with some bad shit in them, or bad, with some good shit in them. Depending on what floats your boat or tips your cow, years are different for everyone. It’s all in your perspective.

For example. When JFK was gunned down in Dallas (by somewhere between 1 and 17 angry malcontents depending on your current favourite conspiracy theory), not everyone lost their shit. There were actually people out there who said, “Damn!, About time!”, to anyone who could hear them over the NASCAR finals or the hubbub at abortion clinics and civil rights donnybrooks.

Let’s face it, in a world where gossips and hypocrites can turn an uncomfortable, slovenly, sadly out of his element mayor into a worldwide celebrity, and said  gossip and celebrities are regarded as news, and phones are smarter than the people who stare at them 24/7, we should no longer be surprised by anything.


 Continued on Monday, January 13th 2014….

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