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Peter Joins the Scouts

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One of the largest youth movements in the world is the Scouting movement. It is truly¬† international in scope and casting a massive shadow on pop culture, i.e., being mentioned in the theme music to the classic TV show “Car 54” as well as coming up in figures of speech that we use on a daily basis. ( “He’s a good scout!”) Of course, like every human endeavour, it can be subverted by those who seek power. In Germany in 1937, the Scouts were outlawed and every Aryan boy was expected to join “The Hitler Jugend”, a Nazi youth movement which eventually was used to form a Waffen SS Panzer division which fought fiercely in Normandy after D Day.

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Two Wheeler Peter

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Having progressed from crawling to walking to being regally conveyed in a carriage to riding a tricycle to running, I began to have to address new and more relevant ways of personal transportation as I grew older. I was able to occasionally borrow, however briefly, a bicycle from an understanding friend. Late in August one year, I was riding on the sidewalk in front of Robertson’s house, when I lost my balance and fell to my right. I threw my right arm out to “break” my fall.

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