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Cameron Carpenter: The Great Rock’n’Roll Rewind

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Give me a couple of Jack’n’Cokes and I can spill out rock’n’roll stories with the best of them. For forty years my life has been consumed by music and I have been fortunate to meet and talk to most of my idols, and, at one point, I even got paid to do it.

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Darrell Vickers: Best Releases of 2012…and, uhh…Aerosmith.

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Best Records2012Well, the year is at an end and everyone has taken yet another, giant step closer towards their final days here on shopping-mall Earth.  That moment, when fate grabs us by the ankles and wrenches us kicking and screaming from the only existence we’ve ever known.  Every groove in the sidewalk is the fingernail scrapings of some poor lost soul frantically clinging on till the very last.  And mass shootings, horrific wars, starvation and unbridled suffering, in its many glorious forms; dog our weary days as we march relentlessly towards our own oblivion.

On the upside, there was a lot of great music in 2012.   Not much of it on mainstream radio, but still survives in the shadows.  There was also a lot of complete shit, but I won’t bore you with that.

Except for the number one example of 2012 auditory poo.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll _ Finishing Off The Bobo

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And now the conclusion of my Bob Segarini cover story from the November 1979 issue of “Music Express”. Punctuation and grammar appear as they did in print. Many of you read Justin Smallbridge’s first DBAWIS column last week but the three of us go back a long way.

Part Five – An Introduction To The Bobo (Or Reading The College Papers)

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – A

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It’s so easy now. Someone tells you about a band, a song, a book or a movie and everything is a click away. You can decide in a matter of minutes. Whatever you need to know is at your fingertips. Cue cranky old timer. We had to wait. Wait for the tour, wait overnight for tickets on the street lined up at a record store or ticket outlet, wait overnight at the venue (I’m thinking of you CNE Grandstand) to rush in when the gates opened, wait for the new issue of Creem or Hit Parader at the local newsstand and wait for the new record to arrive at the shop. If it was one of your groups you would buy album without hearing a note and then spend the next three hours in the basement pouring over the liner notes and repeatedly listening over and over again only pausing to flip the record over.

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