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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’S Of Rock – S

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Sparks – Part One
The best band you may have never heard. 22  studio albums. Formed in 1968 and still active to this day. Brothers Ron and Russell Mael are the nucleus and a cast of hundreds have helped them on their long “Rollercoaster” journey. They are a tough band to define in that they have experimented with almost all forms of modern music, often very ahead of the curve. Russell is the flamboyant falsetto-voiced front man and Ron is the silent, well dressed (except for the Chaplin meets Hitler moustache) keyboardist and chief songwriter. They have had brilliant highs and some questionable lows but are still the band I reach out to when I need a lift. A check of my most played songs on my iPod will attest to that. Here we go, Sparks Part One.
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