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Darrell Vickers: Rock ‘n’ Roll Dumbnation

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darrell-vickersI don’t think anyone who has been graced at birth with two properly functioning ocular orbs and even the most unimpressive measure of cognitive facility could fail to notice that this world of ours is majorly fuckoed.   To bear witness to this once mighty civilization caught in an uncontrollable tailspin of death; one needs only to cast one’s gaze over to the shocking state of rock-and-roll.  No, I’m not talking about how bad music has gotten or how Jay-Z is the devil’s most cunning disciple bent on dragging our youth down into the fiery sulphurous pits of damnation with his piquant lyrical-stylings.  What I am bone-chillingly referring to is the ever-swelling tidal wave of do-gooders in the rock and rap community.  How bad have things gotten when we have fucking former punk rockers out raising money to save the rain forests!!???

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