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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps” – Part Two

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Let’s just dig right in shall we. Female drummers, and I’ll add percussionists, span the globe.  From Israel to Iran, from China to Europe and back to North America. Although it’s the guys who seem to be in the forefront, drumming is not a just a “manly” profession (and neither is electric guitar but that’s for another discussion). Women have been drumming since…..well….. the very beginning.

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Cam Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – High School Confidential

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This week we rewind to high school in more ways than one. Buried deep in a box of rock memorabilia I stumbled upon a collection of my high school newspapers. Calling them a newspaper is a bit of a stretch as most of them are four or five sheets of mimeographed white or green paper and almost faded into obscurity.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Bobby Singh— Photo-Chronicling Toronto’s Music Scene; Shari Ulrich & Julia Graff— It’s a Family Thing; A Trifecta of Concept Albums; and Notes…..

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FrankJr2Shari Ulrich, in her latest blog, talks about the future from a perspective of the past, her point being that she had not even an inkling of what was to happen while it was even happening.  To live in the present is, in essence, to live in the future because time has no on and off buttons.  Every second we live is another second into the future and another second away from the past.  We experience it on an ongoing basis, the seconds ticking away into minutes and then hours and then days and then weeks until we are at a point we stop (though it never really stops) and look back, wiping our brows and wondering, where did it all go?  And wish that we had maybe paid more attention.

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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band- Chapter Two

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Chapter One can be found HERE

Okay, where do I find musicians in this Burg?

Thanks to Martin Melhuish, I have access to a small, 8-track studio in the basement of Thunder Sound in Toronto.

Armed with a couple of songs I had written in the first version of The Segarini Band, and the beginnings of a couple more, I started spending time in Toronto looking for musicians and finish writing the new tunes. Money was tight. When I couldn’t afford a room, I had met a woman, (a friend of a friend), who had an apartment not far from the studio, who let me sleep on her couch if I babysat her kid while she ‘worked’, so I had a place to stay. Eating was another problem. Most of the time it was baloney or ham sandwiches or the kindness of friends, but on Saturdays I usually ate like a King…and drank like a fish.

How, you ask?

Like this…


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