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Cameron Carpenter: The ABCMW’s Of Rock’n’Roll

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Shanghai Aug 2012

This column is dedicated with love to my friend Jay Smith – The Rock Ranger. RIP my friend.

How do you begin to describe a Canadian Music Week that started with a brisk walk through a blizzard for a Tuesday afternoon acoustic performance from The Box Tiger and ended early Sunday morning with The Dirty Nil channeling Fugazi? Thoughts of David Byrne singing “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?” come to mind.

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Gary Pig Gold Rolls Over The Stones

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GaryInEdithGroveWell before all the 49th (or is it 51st?) Anniversary doom ‘n’ gloom of bloated coffee table retrospectives and HBO documentaries – not to mention thousand-dollar-plus “reunion” ticket prices – there was quite simply, quite pimply, just a promising little mock-blues band from the wrong side of London, stealing empties to pay for the gas heater and cherishing all the Bo Diddley B-sides they could find, steal, and/or cover whenever Alexis Korner allowed them to sit in for a song or two.

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