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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – September 15, 2016

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Cam Indie Week

And we’re back! After a long month of packing, moving, unpacking, family birthdays, lawn bowling tournaments, music and movies it is time to get back to a regular weekly column at the now turning six DBAWIS.

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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Single Me Out

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Cam Profile Pic

Well, the show was not half bad. There were no cringe-worthy duets, the pace was pretty quick, the set looked good, there was no blatant pimping of other CTV properties and, for the most part, the performances were pretty good. The one major complaint I have is they need to go a little simpler on the camera work. There is no need for the 360 shot, followed by the zoom out, followed by the zoom in followed by the reverse 360 shot. Keep it simple. Focus on the performance, cut away for the solo (of there is anyone actually playing a solo), and then, come back to the performance. I don’t need to see crowd shots of people watching the show through their smart phones. Also, the annoying Google Play commercials reminded me of why I can’t stand karaoke.

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Cameron Carpenter: Past & Present Tens – Earthquake Weather

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In 1989 the late Joe Strummer released a great solo record by the name of “Earthquake Weather”.  It seems as if we are right in the middle of it right now. Depending on your age and musical taste there recently have been a series of major quakes and after-shocks which are shaking the world of music to its very core. Last week was no exception.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – Quality Control

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CamQuality Records was my training ground. Back in the seventies there were no school courses teaching the music business. If you wanted to work in a studio you hung around studios and hopefully someone would ask you to pick up a broom or maybe get the engineer a coffee. If you wanted to work at a record company you needed to know who to talk to and where they might hang out. A good in was getting to know the label publicists and the easiest way to do that was by writing album and live reviews for your school newspaper. I starting doing this in high school and by the time I reached college I had a couple of good ins at the labels (as well as lots of free albums and concert tickets).

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – Listing D-D-D-David

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Shanghai Aug 2012We are on the eve of the return of the thin white duke. On March 12, 2013 we will see the release of the Tony Visconti produced “The Next Day”. Bowie surprised everyone on his 66th birthday (January 8th) when he released a new single and video for “Where Are We Now” and also announced he had recorded the full length “The Next Day”. Most of us had given up any hope of hearing new music from Bowie as the rumours of his health had not been good for close to the last decade. He is reported to have suffered a heart attack in 2004 and his output since then has been limited to a few one-off guest appearances on record as well as two appearances with Arca

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – I Want My M’s And TV

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“I Want My MTV – The Uncensored Story Of The Music Video Revolution” – Craig Marks And Rob Tannenbaum

It’s an interesting read. I used to think that oral history books (where one person recalls an incident and another immediately comments on it) where an easy way to author a book. The more I read them the more I appreciate them. It takes a lot of work to ask the right people the right questions and then formulate them in to a book.  It also always helps when you know the people involved. In “Treat Me Like Dirt – An Oral History Of Punk In Toronto And Beyond” by Liz Worth it was interesting to read what my friends had to say about the local scene that I very much witnessed.

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