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Roxanne Tellier: Slave to the Machine

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january roxanneMy name is Roxanne Tellier and I am addicted to computing. There, I said it, in front whatever cosmic element you call your deity, and everyone.  I am hooked on electronic media and the Internet.

I likely wouldn’t have known the depth of my addiction if my main computer had not suddenly died on me a few days ago. Even those horrendous days off the grid during the Ice Storm hadn’t upset me as much as this week’s loss of contact with the world. Okay, it was just for a few hours until I got my little netbook up and running, but even those few hours were excruciating.

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Roxanne Tellier: Remembrance Day

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Roxanne DBAWISLive long enough, you’ll see everything.

Back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s I had a thriving eBay business. I had 5 people on staff, and made a decent living. eBay called me a “bronze” seller, because I did so well.

And then the planes hit the towers in 2001. Immediately, America went xenophobic, and really, who could blame them? They had been hit in their Big Apple, a city so loved and blessed they named it twice … New York, New York.

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