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JAIMIE VERNON – ‘BACKBEAT: The Birth of The Beatles’

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We live in a very unique time. Pop culture is such a big part of our everyday existence that we are able to watch a rare breed of genius rise and zenith in real time. It’s hard to imagine being there when Bach or Beethoven performed their most celebrated Sonatas and Symphonies for the first. It is so long ago that their stories and their music seem like stuff of myth – we don’t even have recordings…just modern interpretations from the sheet music they left behind.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock –B2

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Billy Bryans

It was a sad week on the Canadian music scene as Billy Bryans finally succumbed to the disease that had been haunting him for years. Best remembered as the drummer for The Parachute Club and their iconic single “Rise Up”, Bryans was much, much more to the local industry that he helped re-define.

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