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Bob Yodels Up the Canyon – Some Backstory …and A Sense of the People and Atmosphere of Laurel Canyon Back in the Day

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The more I try to express my thoughts and feelings on the documentary, “Echo in the Canyon”, the more frustrated I get trying to put my finger on what, exactly. those thoughts and feelings are. After every viewing of the well-meant, but ultimately lacking mash-note to the tiny L.A. Basin enclave which had had a disproportionate impact on popular music, songwriters, and artists around the world, I became further and further upset with its lack of connective tissue to its subject, and started to feel uncomfortable just looking for something positive to say.

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Segarini: Frazier Mohawk – Send in the Clown

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Frazier Mohawk December 12th1941 – June 2nd 2012 Part One

I fucking hate this. Why, in a world that seems to be filled to the brim with nasty, violent, inherently evil, sociopathic poltroons and spurious, self-absorbed, toxic, miscreants, does God or whatever the serendipitous woozle in charge of Universal Order turns out to be, pluck the benign, the innocent, and (in this case), the creative, unique, bordering-on-zany/wacky/nutcase persons of interest, off this mudball and into the Great Unknown? Snuffing out not only another Bright Light, but someone whose very existence inspired creativity and impacted positively (sometimes by NOT doing what he did) on the people around him. Yeah, everybody dies, but sometimes, I think that was an oversight the Grand Woozle made when he/she or it was creating either the Aardvark or the platypus…I mean, really.

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