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Peter’s Ad-Versity

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Welcome to this week’s hastily assembled melange of letters, punctuations marks, numerals, images and ideas, aka, my column. This week, I am going to write about something which is inescapable. I hope you like it. I appreciate your feedback.

Loyal Reader, are you vaguely dissatisfied about some aspect of your life? Are you looking for a fresh outlook, some change which, if not earthshaking, will at least allow you to address some “personal” shortcoming, whether perceived or actual? Well, there are folks out there counting on that in order to buy themselves a fancier car or spend an extra week at some fancy holiday destination.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones For the last 15 to 20 years the idea of pop music – like the good old guitar/piano driven stuff we grew up with on the CHUM Top 30 and Billboard Top40 charts – has been Verboten and buried like a forgotten dog bone in the backyard. Like some nerdist guilty pleasure there’s been a counter movement which has dubbed itself the keepers of Power Pop though its supporters can never agree on the definition of the term.

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