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In recent weeks I’ve seen many artists on social media whining for the millionth time about how to sell their wares/songs/nubile posteriors up the music industry food chain in the guise of a record deal or publishing deal or both. It’s not unexpected given the recent wholesale destruction of the live music scene globally due to the pandemic. Artists are finally starting to look under the couch cushions or Mom’s purse for loose change as a means of survival.

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The fifth of what will hopefully be many memories from a life of both rock and roll, not to mention radio, television, drinking, and debauchery. Shall we begin?

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In the summer of 2005, a package arrived at the Hollywood offices of Highway 61 Entertainment from London with no return address. Inside were two mini-cassette tapes dated December 30, 1999 and labeled The Last Testament of George Harrison.

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Gary Pig Gold Sez – “A” IS FOR APPLE, “B” IS BIZARRE

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As hard as it may seem today to fathom, there was a time, in the not too distant analog past, when starting up a record company required more – much more – than just a domain name and the nearest GarageBand™ software.

Yes, there was a time when starting up a record company required actual brick and mortar (or at least some office space), telephones, pens, pencils, typewriters and reams of 20 lb stationery (plus desks to put them all on and, ideally, a staff of people to use them) …not to mention, in the case of at least one of the two record companies mentioned below, a full Cordon Bleu kitchen staff equipped with a £600-a-month-at-least liquor allowance.

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We’re in an interesting transitional period with music. Not the industry part that I’ve frequently beaten up and kicked to the curb time and time again. No, I’m talking about musical direction. I had hoped upon hope that post-9/11 the singer-songwriter would make a massive mainstream comeback to usher in the silver age of thinking man’s music. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The simpletons in charge of what we listen to doubled down on the stupid with the vacant tap dancing and lip-syncing of nubile females, effeminate boy bands and reality stars-turned-prime-time-embarrassments. ‘American Idol’ was the new A & R department for the future of music.

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jaimie_penny-lane We live in a very unique time. Pop culture is such a big part of our everyday existence that we are able to watch a rare breed of genius rise and zenith in real time. It’s hard to imagine being there when Bach or Beethoven performed their most celebrated Sonatas and Symphonies for the first. It is so long ago that their stories and their music seem like stuff of myth – we don’t even have recordings just modern interpretations from the sheet music they left behind.

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The Bob World Report and Shopping Snew

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Bob Reclined b and w

This is not NEWS. I collect my information in order from the South North, East, and West, not the traditional North, East West, and South. If you want the NEWS, look elsewhere, If you want the SNEW, keep reading.

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Gary Pig Gold – The Night Don and Phil Walked Right Back

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It’s already been a shade over two years since Phil Everly left us; meanwhile, big brother Don just hit 79 on February One. Yet, all numbers aside, not even the most peripheral rock ‘n’ roller should need any explanation whatsoever how those two Kentuckians placed an indelible stamp upon, most obviously, nearly every Lennon and McCartney vocal duet from “Love Me Do” onward – not to mention those most blatant protégés by the names of Simon and Garfunkel.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones I’ve recently been reunited with my vinyl collection. Over 3000 LPs of CanCon-only vintage that I’ve been collecting since around 1980; prior to that I was your average music lover with anything and everything that fell under the guise of popular music – no matter the country.

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Gary Pig Gold Meets The Beatles…only Somewhere Else

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Being a most wide-eared eight years old in the suburban Toronto of 1963, I was at the perfect age – and in the perfect place – to, yes, Meet the Beatles. Because by the time “those four youngsters from Liverpool” hit The Ed Sullivan Show on 2/9/64, my friends and I had already spent the past several months familiarizing ourselves with John, Paul, George and Ringo’s initial A-sides via mighty 1050 CHUM-AM.

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