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Segarini – About My Column This Week

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Due to some very important conversations to negotiate a deal with the CRA and Services Canada, my column at DBAWIS will be late, posted sometime tomorrow.

Unfortunately, part of its content is time-sensitive, so I am addressing that here so that, if there is any truth to my thoughts, you don’t think I wrote this after the event. The full column will be posted here tomorrow.

In fact …I have been wondering about this since I first saw the Poster.

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Pat Blythe – Indie Week, Jack The Lads, Loving Vincent…and Music!

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 Indie Week in Toronto officially started last night with the big launch party at The Hideout starting at 7pm. Ran into (quite literally) Bruce Bradley of Slammin’ Media, Roxanne Tellier, Peter Montreuil, the man himself, Bob Segarini, photographer Micheal Macisaac, Hartley Pickens, owner of See Rock Live Magazine (whose huge RV was parked out front of the venue), producer/singer/songwriter Chris Birkett, Nadia Elkharadly of Addicted Magazine….and the list goes on.

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Pat Blythe – Herve Bassett, Tom Cochrane and Blonde…James Blonde…..

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I always seem to playing catch-up. I’ve managed to reduce the number of projects by a whole two. There’s a very, very, very long list of shows and photo’s that need to be addressed (metaphorically speaking) before I start loading up the flash drives on the camera again. September came and went in about 30 seconds….and in that 30-second clip it was go, go, go with music, music and…….yep, more music. When at home there were brief forays to the fridge for what sustenance could be found and the occasional trip out to the back deck to savour a Bombay Sapphire. With the weather being what it was, and still is, we can all be excused for thinking it’s still mid-August and Christmas is months away. Ya right!!!! Heeeeeere’s October and the back end of Thanksgiving. Hang on to your hats, it’s December tomorrow……

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