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Peter – Doctors and Guns

Posted in Opinion, politics with tags , , , , , , on March 21, 2019 by segarini

Living in “middle class” North America a) in 2019, you have no need for guns in your daily routine. No need to shoot your lunch and no need to keep the “wolf” from your door, literally.

Sounds sensible, ehh? That’s what you’d think. However, apparently not everyone agrees. Last summer the “Angel of Death” laid its clammy hand on Toronto, as there was a mass shooting on the Danforth, with fatalities and wounded. Many lives were changed forever, in a second. They were innocent lives.

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Pat Blythe: This, That and the Other….

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I have been in a quandary¬†about what I am going to write about for today’s column. The past week, and especially the weekend, have disappeared in a flash, everything just jumbled together, one thing overlapping the other. Now here it is Tuesday night and I’ve started this piece four times!

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