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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s of Rock’n’Roll – YYZ

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CamLast week I wrote about my love for Halifax and their vibrant music scene and their all-around damn fine people. It is without a doubt my second favourite city in the country and only takes the silver to the golden one I call home, Toronto.

I have lived in the same neighbourhood for my entire and it is a two minute walk to the house that I was born in. I went to the same high school as my parents and both of my children both spent time at the same school. When I walk the streets I am just as likely to see an industry friend as I am to see an old school pal. I know my neighbours and we think nothing of shovelling each other’s walk or bringing their blue bins up from the street. It still feels like a small town. The security guard, who watches over the construction of the condos at the bottom of the street, stops me to talk about football every time I walk by as he once noticed my Arsenal jacket. It can be a friendly place if you let it.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – V is for Various

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CamNadia’s column yesterday started a beehive of activity on Facebook as she mused in her writing about music that she currently hates. It is amusing to read the comments and the passion that music can evoke. For the majority of my writing career I have always tried to stay on the positive side of the fence and write about bands and music that moves me and, by doing so, hopefully turn some people on to something new, or, something old and great. At the same time there is nothing I enjoy more than a good band thrashing in print. Continue reading

Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – M is for Much More Metal

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CamThe last place I imagined being in last Thursday night was at the Kool Haus along with about 2,500 guys who looked like they were at a casting call for Sons of Anarchy Season 7. The event was a Slayer concert.

A have a few out of town friends and we have a rule that if they are coming to Toronto, or if you are visiting their town, an email or text must be sent advising of said visit. It is by no means mandatory to spend time together but more of a “heads up going to be in your town, would love to have a pint but no obligation, and, didn’t want you to hear I was in town and didn’t reach out”. More often than not you find time in your schedule for said pint and a wee bit of a catch-up.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – We’re Going North By North East

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CamA couple of weeks ago my son Kyle and I headed down to The Horseshoe to see our boys Gloryhound. We were standing out front when Kyle said “that’s Jon Snow from “Game Of Thrones”. I looked over casually and thought he could be the little bastard. It was soon confirmed that it indeed was actor Kit Harington and we moved over to the pool table to say hello (like the good couple of fan boys we are). While waiting for an appropriate moment to pass to introduce ourselves (and give him a copy of the Gloryhound CD) Kyle pointed out another pool player and said “Dad, I am pretty sure that is Lane Pryce from “Mad Men”).

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