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Cameron Carpenter: Past and Present Tens – The Width of a Circle

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Cam as Chip

Everyone has their influences. If you are a photographer it might be Robert Mapplethorpe or Yousuf Karsh. Writers might lean towards Kurt Vonnegut or Ernest Hemingway. Hockey players might liken their game to the style of Wayne Gretzky or perhaps Gordie Howe. Musicians tend to wear their influences on their sleeves, especially when they are at the beginning of their careers.  Joe Perry and Steven Tyler mixed equal parts Jagger/Richards with Johansen/Thunders and created Aerosmith. After two or three albums they developed their own unique style and after five or six records they were influencing others. I would assume that Glenn Frey was a fan of Gram Parsons as you can hear so much Gram in the early Eagles records. Bowie mixed equal parts Velvet Underground with Bob Dylan and Anthony Newley and soon found his own voice.

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