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Chef Tom’s Cure for Boring Breakfasts

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Breakfast does NOT have to be boring. Once you get familiar with how to prepare and assemble these breakfast bowls, with their interchangeable ingredients, you can get creative and switch out ingredients to your little tongue’s desire.

Go to Africa with eggplant and peanuts. Go to Mexico with guacamole and chilies. Go to Eastern Europe with Bulgarian feta or grated Kashkaval cheese, and some sautéed cabbage and caraway. Go to Asia with seasoned rice vinegar in the scrambled eggs, roasted bok choy, and a drizzle of sesame oil and Hoisin.  Continue reading

Roxanne Tellier: What’s For Breakfast?

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Ah – morning. A new day stretches before you like the silliest of putty. You are Captain Invincible – today, you will lose that last ten pounds, quit all of your vices, and possibly cure the common cold. Fresh from sleep, rested, and ready to greet the world, you throw back the duvet, and leap from your warm and fragrant nest, humming a cheery tune. Yes? Or maybe no.

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