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Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – Crazy Talk With Bill Henderson

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This week we rewind to the winter of 1978. On top of writing for a few magazines I would occasionally be commissioned to write a band biography for a record company. It’s pretty scary that the money for doing so is still about the same as back in the seventies. A&M Records in Canada used to print their own newsprint paper “Prime Cuts” that they would distribute in record stores across the country. To the unaware it looked like another rock magazine but the only artists they featured were on their label. There was nothing wrong with this as it was clearly stated in the masthead and their rooster was diverse enough to make it an interesting read. Most of the pieces were pretty light-weight (hey, they were trying to sell albums) and this is one that I wrote about the band Chilliwack. Thanks to Jim Monaco for giving me the gig so many years ago.

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