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Pat Blythe – Until next year be safe, be happy, have fun……

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This week of December 8 has got to be one of the craziest weeks yet this year and the month just keeps getting busier. Special functions to attend, birthdays, a show, baking, shopping, writing, editing, decorating, cleaning…..the list goes on. In the middle of this maelstrom I have to spend an entire afternoon at the ophthalmologist and another afternoon hanging around my doctor’s office (annual checkup). Time spent away from the computer and other “duties” is keeping me up until the wee wee hours of the morning.

Last week was all about the music of Christmas. Heading down that rabbit hole I learned about, and listened to, some amazing music while researching and selecting the tunes for the column. I’m not sure there’s much more I can add.

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Pat Blythe – Classics, Jazz and Blues, 1969….Mix and Match

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Again I seem to running in circles while Mother Nature seems to suffer from severe indecisiveness. Dark, ominous clouds roll in, thunder and lightning key up together, sheet rain hits, cue hail and the next thing you know the sun is shining. It’s warm, it’s cool, it’s hot, it’s chilly….make up your mind. I’m not sure if I should be dressing in sandals, sneakers or boots. One thing is for sure, the plants and trees are loving it! So many rich and varied shades of green have been added to the landscape palette and the flowers just enhance it all. For all her varied moods, Mother Nature has created a most beautiful spring. Now, if the weeks would just slow down a bit….

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