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Nadia Elkharadly: A Case of Modern Misogyny

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NadiaAt the beginning of the year I joined a cult.  It was the cult of Netflix, and I’ve been a happy convert ever since I made the switch.  My television watching habits aren’t like the average user; generally when I’m watching something I’m working, either writing for Addicted, editing photos, editing other peoples articles, the usual.  Netflix suits my habits perfectly; I can mainline entire seasons of shows over the span of the many hours I spend typing/reading/clicking away with very little effort.  It’s allowed me to catch up on some series that I watched sporadically years ago, one of which, along with some seriously depressing current events, will meanderingly lead to the actual topic of my column.

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Geoff Pevere: The Critic as Artist – Creating Contemporary Criticism

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The late movie critic Robin Wood once wrote a fabulously cogent and highly pissed dismissal of the very idea of guilty pleasures. His point was this: if you liked something, and if you could assemble a reasonable argument in defines of it – which is to say if you could make a case for your pleasure – there was absolutely no guilt involved.

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