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Darrell Vickers – George Carlin: Part One – He Hired Who?

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     In 1973, George Carlin was an absolute filthy sensation. “FM & AM”, “Class Clown” and “Occupation: Foole” had taken an easily scandalized world by storm. Who knew mentioning “cocksucker, motherfucker and tits” (which sounds like Jimmy Swaggart’s room service order at a Baptist convention) could be so uproarious? I can recall precisely where I was the first time I laid my tender ears upon “The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” A shindig was being thrown for the young and swingin’ volunteers of the local, government-mandated Cable Access station. We, the young and unpaid, sat around that north Oshawa living room in stitches while Bill Ridell, the government-mandated station manager, mimed along with the shockingly brilliant piece.

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Darrell Vickers: No Good Deed Goes Unpublished

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Darrell Vickers

            I have been away from my food-encrusted and wine-stained computer keyboard for the past couple lunar cycles. It has been an obligatory abeyance, predicated on forces beyond my control. The principal force that conspired agin me was GRAVITY. Now gravity enjoys a well-earned reputation as the weakest of all the natural forces, but as we all know, feeble and pathetic as it may be as a quantum puissance, it is still more than capable of really fucking you up.

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