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Nadia Elkharadly: Fabulous Frontwomen

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NadiaMy whole life has put me in situations where I’m the only girl.  I’m the sole girlchild in a pack of four siblings.  At my day job, I am usually the only woman at the meeting table on any given day, be it in my team’s daily meetings, on certain projects, sometimes even in line at the cafeteria.  When I’m at a big show taking pictures, I’m usually the only gal tromping through the pit in my motorcycle boots, trying to shoot around, beside and sometimes ducking underneath the lenses of my usually taller and burlier male photographer counterparts.  Sometimes the world, especially the music world, can feel like one big old boys club, and I’m sure I’m not the only gal about town that feels that way.  On many stages in the indie music scene, women tend to stand alone on stage, surrounded by their penis packing bandmates.

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Nadia Elkharadly: NXNE 2013 Wrap up

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Nadia LogoI know it’s been more than a week since it ended, but I’ve still got North by North East on the brain.  Maybe it’s because I still can’t fall asleep before the crack of dawn (which is murder on my dayjob functionality).  Maybe it’s because I can’t shake my hangover shakes.  Maybe it’s because I still don’t have my full voice back – but you should hear my Demi Moore impression, it’s killer!  Actually, you will be able to hear it on the Bobcast very soon, but anyway.  Whatever it is, I’m sad that NXNE is over and that I had to get back to reality.  Reality SUCKS.  So, permit me to reminisce just a little bit.

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