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Segarini – The Low Down on The Get Down and Roadies Loads In

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Thug Bob

I hated Vinyl.

The HBO thugs and drugs fantasy about the ’70s music industry, not the resurging delivery system for music and hipness. Didn’t much like Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, either. Dennis Leary chews about the same amount of scenery as the cast of Vinyl, but to equally stifled yawns and eye rolling. …and let’s not forget EmpireDynasty for the Drake Nation, and if you don’t remember Dynasty, rest assured that this hiccup won’t be remembered either….

Amazing that these shows about the entertainment business go out of their way to not entertain….

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Nadia Elkharadly: Pearl Jam 20 – Late to the Party

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I can’t believe that with my insane love of grunge music in the 90s, it took being incapable of leaving my couch and having the TV turned to Much More Music for me to finally watch PJ20.  The much anticipated film chronicling the inception and rise of Seattle Grunge Legends Pearl Jam debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and has been out on DVD for a while, and yet a coincidence of laziness is what put Cameron Crowe’s rock documentary before my eyes.

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