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Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – Conventional Beliefs (Part 2)

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cam with hat

We left you last week at the lobby bar of the Sheraton with Bobby Curtola, Jay Sparrow and Greg Godovitz. As with most conventions the premium site for socializing is the lobby bar (and, in more recent years, the outdoor smoking area).

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Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – Conventional Beliefs – Part One

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Cam young

Well another Canadian Music Week is under my belt, or, elastic waist-band pants. I believe it was my 33rd. I believe it was their 33rd. Prior to being called CMW it was known as “The Record Conference”, and before that there was an annual event called “Three Days In March”. It’s hard to explain (and often remember) what exactly happens at a music industry conference and the more that you attend the wider your reach is and the more friends, acquaintances, former workers and bartenders you know.

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Segarini: My Mom 2015…and a CMW update with Rival Sons

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Rivals and Friends

The amount of things to see and do at CMW has become an overwhelming smorgasbord of choices and options that makes your head ache and your feet swell…and your liver angry.

Angry Liver.

I have one.

There is no getting around the fact that if just the music options were available over a period of a year instead of 10 days, you could see 3 bands a night, damn near every night, for 12 months.

Good luck seeing 1000+ bands in 10 days…and taking in the panels…and seminars…and award shows…and parties…and eating…and sleeping…and other stuff.

There should be a Depends booth in the hotel lobby….


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