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Guest Columnist Barry Teller – The New Elmo

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Got this in my email yesterday and thought I’d share it with you. Exciting news about the new Elmo and what we can expect and when.

Barry writes for the new online magazine, Canadian Life. He covers the Canadian Entertainment Industry and has sent this pre-release to a few of us bloggers in advance of the Magazine’s launch next Friday. I’ve added some pictures to this.

Enjoy. – Bob

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Bob Stories Opinions and Advice 10 Years On

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Don’t Believe a Word I Say has existed as first a column at, then in its own self-titled blog for going on 11 years now.

Before this, I dabbled in music, radio, and television for 50 years or so, and feel I have experienced enough to have a fairly informed opinion of my related careers, and the love/hate relationship that comes with a passion and lust for life and its challenging hurdles.

The following has been culled from the first 6 months of this entities existence, which has been updated but not changed in any way, so when I said something stupid then, it remains stupid now. New pictures have been added, and some comments, which will be in italics.

Enjoy the sunshine and the first sign of Spring …mud. Read this when it rains again …or snows …or the cat won’t get off your lap. – Bob

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Pat Blythe – Dueling Pianos, February, Upcoming Festivals …and Music!

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Ugh!!! Computer and monitor challenges continue. The good news is I finally got my drums up for sale and I’ve managed to get everything off the troublesome laptop on to a honking big hard drive (although now I have to sort that out). I’m downsizing to a smaller kit….less real estate and I won’t feel so overwhelmed. One of these days…..and now, for your latest weather report…..

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Segarini: Canadian, Eh? Happy 150th Canada Day!

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Have a safe and happy Canada Day…I love you all. And yes…this IS the Greatest Country in the World…even if some of us don’t know it.

Portions of this column originally appeared in FYIMusic, Cashbox Canada, and DBAWIS.

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As I type this music retailer HMV is either in receivership or heading into it after one of the chain’s creditors called in their chips. The retail giant has been floundering for years and managed to escape an industry crash that took out the likes of Sam The Record Man and Tower Records stateside a decade ago. HMV’s position as one of the last giants standing (Sunrise has rallied to fill in the hole left by Sam’s), was only delaying the inevitable.

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Roxanne Tellier – Is It That Time Again?

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Three weeks from today is Christmas Day. We’ll have gotten past all the rushing about, the frantic shopping, and the boozy parties, and hopefully be lounging about in our new flannel pjs, sipping on liquored up egg nog, and looking forward to a feast of turkey and all the trimmings.


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JAIMIE VERNON – CEMETERY COP 2 – Chapter 6 (excerpt)

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Billy was the security guard that trained me. I got to know him, not in person, but through his legend. When I worked, he was off, and vice versa, so we rarely ever crossed paths. Occasionally, he’d pop by on his day off to say hello to the staff, and would come around to see how I was doing. I was the newbie, and he wanted to make sure that a) the staff was treating me well, and b) that I wasn’t fucking anything up.
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