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Pat Blythe – Christmas past, NYC, John Harris, N’we Jinan…and Music!

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My house looks like Santa barfed up an entire Christmas store. Lights, decorations, bibs and bobs scattered about, the decorating a work in progress and I haven’t even purchased the tree yet! Chris use to chide me on the amount of Christmas paraphernalia I had accumulated over the years so I decided one year to use the minimalist approach. A week before Christmas day Chris asked me when I was going to decorate? Ya can’t win…. So, five containers, an extensive Santa Claus collection and a couple of supplementary boxes heaved up from the basement, I am now sussing and sorting, banging nails, climbing ladders, walking on the counter to get to the top of the cabinets….letting no space go “unChristmased”. Even my musical Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is back in its place of honour.

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Pat Blythe Goes to a GIG and Other Stuff

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I’m staring at a blank page….my mind is a million miles away. Not sure what today’s column will turn out like. Focusing is increasingly difficult with a plethora of things running through my mind. The synapses are firing off so fast I’m in a spin. So much happening recently at such a rapid fire pace. Externally I have two laptops on the go, Amy Winehouse (Wake Up Alone) playing in the background and a good friend who needs help from a system that is so totally broken and letting her down. Amy sure sets the mood. Internally, how quickly can someone go from elation to shear “pissoffedness“? Answer….about a nano second. How do you scream at a blank page on a screen?

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