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Pat Blythe – Suzi Kory….Indie Week….and music

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It seems I am perpetually running late these days. I write for Fiverr and never imagined it would get as busy as it has. I’ve been writing brochures, website verbiage, package inserts, “how to” columns, etc. I’ve had to research products and learn how to “do things” and then write about them. So far, so good. It’s all on a timer….you have so many days to deliver your finished product and if you’ve agreed to revisions, they have to be done within the agreed upon time. When you receive multiple “gig” orders all due at the approximately the same time it’s a bit of a panic. So…….here I am…….late again. (sigh) Super, super short but…..this, DBAWS, is one writing “gig” I never want to give up.

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Pat Blythe – Decisions, George Olliver, Book Review…..and Music!

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It’s time to make some hard decisions. There are far too many “projects” surrounding and overwhelming me, all requiring rather large investments of time and money. So…..I must focus on two or three and let the others drift a bit. I love what I do, being able to mix my passions of music, photography and writing and the people make it all worthwhile. But now it’s time to buckle down and actually put all the pieces together. Like many bands and musicians will attest to, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills or buy the groceries. This weekly diatribe (or my writing in general) is not going anywhere and certainly neither is the photography. Along with the music it’s how I’ve met so many of you and how I connect what’s happening in the music community with those who read this column (and vice versa). But now is the time for some changes.

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The Weekend Roundup: OhCanada! Canadian Music, Movies, Books, and Television: Overlooked and Underfunded.

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Next year, I will be celebrating 40 years of living in Canada. What makes this unusual (and insane to many I call friends) is that I migrated here from The Promised Land; California. Why, some of you will ask, scratching your heads through your Roots toques and taking another sip of your Timmy’s double double, would anyone in their right mind move from the fabled land of MILFs and Honey and move to a climate better suited to parkas and gloves instead of beach towels and flip flops? Well, first of all, who says I am in my right mind?

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The Weekend Roundup: Whatever Happened to Phil Collins, the Research Turtles ‘Toon Winners, and Cashbox Canada Welcomes Me Aboard.

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It occurred to me this morning that the millennium descended on us over 10 years ago. To some people, 2000 is now ‘the good old days’. Am I the only one who finds that somewhat disturbing? There was no Twitter, no Facebook, no iPad, Android, or Cloud. There was no 3D television (or movies for that matter), fish tacos, or Coke Zero. We had no Jersey Shore, American Idol, Survivor (until May 31st of that year) or Ryan Seacrest. We didn’t have Smart Phones, Hybrid cars or touch-screen monitors. We were down to 3 Beatles and 3 Who’s, and would soon be down to just two each. What we did have…was Phil Collins.

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When I was a youngster (8 – 40) I used to be a voracious reader. Starting out with Little Golden Books, the Bobbsey Twins, and the wonderful L. Frank Baum Oz novels, I managed a record setting 200 book reports in the 3rd grade and won the respect of my teacher, (Mrs. Richardson), and the scorn of my contemporaries (everybody else). I always had my nose in a book, a comic, or a magazine. Of course, that was before my eyesight started to go and 5s became 6s and 3s became 8s…

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