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Darrell Vickers – Chapter Twelve: Watch Out For This Asshole

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The next day, the ennui had returned.  That is, if I had ennui.  I can’t remember exactly what it is.  It sounds French and I know that Lou Reed wrote a song about it on the “Sally Can’t Dance” album and it was a pretty sad song so it’s got to have something to do with being bummed out, right?  Anyway, if I wasn’t ennuied, I was definitely bummed out.  Artie had been at my Sugar Smacks again and I had to have Carla’s waffles for breakfast.  But that wasn’t really why I was feeling so bummed.  That’s why I was feeling so nauseous.  No, this bummedoutedness (that’s got to be a word – especially in this day and age) was because I was feeling lost.

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