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Chef Tom – It’s What’s for Lunch

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I’ve cooked a couple hundred lunches already in my just-over-a-year stint as Resident Chef at Couchsurfing. That’s a lot of recipes.  I try and switch it up, keep it fresh and interesting, and only repeat once in a while.

Before Couchsurfing, I was a personal chef for 11 years, and my specialty during that time was cooking for people with food allergies and sensitivities. I know my way around gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish and peanuts (the five most pernicious) and dozens more pesky ingredients. My current customers are millennial techies, and only a few have food concerns, so this gig has been a piece of cake.

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Chef Tom Herndon – Sociale, Part Deux

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My second visit in a month. First was solo and one of the most soul-satisfying dinners I’ve had in a while (you can read about it here). This second time I hosted a table through Nommery, a dining-out-with-new-friends company (see post), and had the pleasure to dine with folks I’ve dined with numerous times, as well as two newbies.

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Chef Tom Herndon: Tales From the Foodiverse – The Fancy Food Show

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Every winter for the last 30 years, San Francisco has hosted the biggest convention of gourmet-food manufacturers in the world. It’s called The Fancy Food Show. From giant world brands with 3000-square-foot footprints, to tiny cottage-industry food enthusiasts who will crowd into a 10×10 space with others, just to start somewhere. Javits Center in NYC hosts the summer show. Both shows are immense and well-attended.

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Tom Herndon – Chef Tom -Sociale: a Hidden Gem

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I’ve been living in San Francisco for over four decades. In the last decade and a half the food scene here has turned The City into a Worldwide Culinary Destination. For every Michelin starred place there are a couple of dozen non-tweezer-palace’s that serve really excellent fare from nearly every region on the planet.

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