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Peter (Beer) Barrels through CMW 2018

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Armed with my “media” credentials, my guidebook and my Metropass, I took on Canadian Music Week. (Note that all of the bands/artists that I mention in this column have Facebook pages, and are well worth further study, should you feel so inclined. It was a very busy week!)

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Bob’s Annual Mother’s Day Tribute – Don’t Forget Your Mother

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Once again, May brings Mother’s Day, and Hallmark Holiday or not, it is a day of sadness, fondness, and joy that I look forward to every year. With rare exception, a mother spends her life protecting, encouraging, and informing yours. She is the first defense against that which could harm you, and the last person to judge or abandon you. She is a rock, a mentor, a teacher, and a cheerleader…and when your Mother can stay no longer, she leaves her presence and her voice to keep you safe and to guide you even in her absence. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother in this world with you, make every moment count. If she has gone ahead, remember her well, and let your tears and your laughter envelop you and comfort you.

Let me introduce you to my Mother….

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Peter Picks a Peck of Players

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One of the things that most impressed me about Frank Gutch Jr’s “nose for noise” is that he started finding this great music before the Internet, almost before electricity, in fact 😉. The Internet has made such a difference in our lives, connecting us mostly for good, but sometimes for bad, sadly. In any case, it has certainly eased our access to music of all kinds, genres and eras.

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Segarini: Raising Amy – The Annual Hippo Birdie Two Ewes 2018

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Editor’s Note – (Amy’s Birthday Week 2018!
My daughter celebrates a birthday next Tuesday, and to mark the event, I am posting a picture, and sometimes more than one every day. Those of you waiting for Part Three of “I (Still kinda) Like The Beatles, and MacMillan Loves the Rolling Stones” will have to wait until Monday or next Friday.
Even the Lords of Rock Music cannot…WILL not…take precedence over Ames’ Birthday!
This has now become a tradition….)


“Your Son is your Son ‘till he takes a wife, but your Daughter is your Daughter for the rest of your life”

No one seems to know who first uttered this quote, but it has definitely stood the test of time. The first time I ever heard it was from my mother when my wife and I had our one and only child. At first I thought my mother was just being (as always) supportive, because, being Italian, it is assumed I wanted a boy child to carry on the family name and be a ‘chip off the old block’. The truth of the matter is that I prayed for a little girl…and we were blessed with one of the best.

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Segarini – I (Still Kinda) Like the Beatles and MacMillan Loves the Rolling Stones Part One

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By the time The Beatles hit the stage on Ed Sullivan on February 9th 1964, I already had long hair and was in my second band. A clip featuring the then teenage mop tops had been featured on a Jack Paar television special after his daughter had succumbed to them on a visit to England with the family in September of 1963. It was fascination at first sight and, like so many others around the world, I was instantly converted. So long Chuck, Richard, and Motown…It was love at first yeah yeah yeah.

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Segarini – A Funny Man Takes His Leave

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Last year, on March 13th, a group of men and women, most of us long in the tooth but younger at heart than most could imagine, gathered in the back of a bar called The Pilot to pay tribute and say goodbye to the very funny, eclectic, and absurdist comedian, Steve Shuster.

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Bob’s Dining and Dancing Saturday Spectacular for Chef Tom

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Chef Tom’s column is missing this week…the poor lad  (unlike his fine culinary creations) is burnt to a crisp from pleasing so many palates this past week,. He’ll be back next Saturday, but I didn’t want anyone to go hungry today, soooo….

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