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Bob Yodels Up the Canyon – An Interlude

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Due to an obligation and a deadline I could not change, Part Two of Bob Yodels Up the Canyon will run on Friday. Today, in its place, is an Interlude …a slice of Life in the Canyon back in the ’60s, which has been published before, but hey, I coulda just not said anything and left the page blank but I’m not that kind of guy and I really am swamped and my cheque still hasn’t come, and the World Series on going to be on Fox, so there goes Bob’s Burgers, and we still don’t know if we’re going to get a grocery store across the street, and the lobby downstairs is crammed with voters, and it’s really dry in here and my skin is starting to itch …and where the hell is my cheque!? …Jebus! – The following was Originally Posted on August 24th 2012

Everybody loves California.


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Segarini: The Big Mudslide of 1969

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Just firming up the new Friday lineup of writers. Until I do, you’re stuck with me on Fridays, at least this week anyway.

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