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Gary Pig Gold got his Kicks with JOE STRUMMER

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While the Clash were hardly the only band that ever mattered to me, I personally sure owe a tip-o-the ol’ snout to the one, the only Joe Strummer for most vividly helping me see The Light back in that dark, dank cultural wasteland known as the mid-Seventies:

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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Faceoff

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Cam Profile Pic

My god Facebook can be an ugly little sandbox to play in. It seems populated by narcissistic bullies who feel it is their right to yell as loudly as possible about what their beliefs are and try to shame you into seeing things their way. There is no compromise, there is no fear of repercussions, and there is little or no consideration of other’s feelings. If it was a bar I walked in to I wouldn’t even order a drink.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s of Rock – C

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Let’s C….
Let’s all tip our trucker hats to the almost-legend that was C’mon. Ian Blurton is one of Canada’s rock’n’roll treasures and his three-piece powerhouse will play their last shows at Toronto’s Cherry Cola’s on October 20th and at The Bovine Sex Club on October 22nd. After 15 years and a sniff of success with Change Of Heart, Blurton spent three years with his next band Blurtonia before forming C’mon with drummer Randy Curnew and Nashville Pussy bassist Katie Lynn Campbell in 2003. After a myriad of Canadian tours Curnew left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Dean Dallas Bentley.

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