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Pat Blythe – Thank You and Giving Thanks

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What are you thankful for….today and every day? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…..? I know, rather American (which, by the way, we all are since almost 400 million of us reside on the continent of North America). This past weekend thousands of Canadians, surrounded by friends and family, gathered around tables heaped with food to give thanks for the bounty placed before them. Thousands of others gathered in shelters, outreach centres, missions, food kitchens, church basements or not at all, having nowhere to go or maybe no way to get there. Thousands more supped on dinner for one or no dinner at all. We are so caught up in the preparations we tend to forget anyone outside our normal sphere of day-to-day relationships. So stop and think, for just one moment…..who could you have included in your Thanksgiving celebration? Next year….right?

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Pat Blythe – A Tribute to Jack Richardson, Tom Cochrane and Music

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Back in London, Ontario for the Jack Richardson Music Awards (JRMA) and Jack Richardson Music Week. My home town and it’s about time I attended. There are multiple events happening every night. Great Lakes Blues Society presents Bill Durst; Doll House Showcase celebrates the Women of London in Music with Juno nominee Emm Gryner; Battle of The High School Bands in honor of Richardson’s love of teaching and encouragement of London’s young musicians ($2,500 top prize); an oral history of the London music scene from the 1960’s forward presented by Greg Simpson and Bob Klanac; Jack’s London Live….a full evening devoted to promoting live music and the live music venues in London (wonder how many I can cover in a single evening) and of course, to cap off  the week Jack Richardson Music Awards presentation and gala.

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Pat Blythe – Life and loss…..

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I’m trying to figure out where old sod goes to die. Messing around in my backyard over the weekend and I have several rolls of unusable sod that weigh a ton. Leftovers from last year. Small house, small yard still equals “big” work. Gorgeous weather though….dinner on the patio of my local Italian restaurant, Casa di Giorgio, Saturday night. Some of my favourite people work there… Cathy, Christina, Pam and Ted (the owner). Great food and great people!

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Pat Blythe: Memories of Christmas past, present and future….

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Ahhh Christmas. The time of year when I regress into a squealing five-year-old, much to the chagrin and amusement of my sisters. My fellow writer Roxanne Tellier has fired off the first DBAWIS Christmas salvo and a beautifully written piece it is. Santa Gutch was next with lots of musical recommendations for all the tuneful lovers on your list. Now it’s my turn.

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Roxanne Tellier – Zombie Christmas

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It’s lurching toward you … the days are ticking by, and you are simultaneously anticipating and dreading the upcoming holiday season. You’re looking forward to seeing friends and family, but wonder how you’ll juggle all you will have to do to get ready for the big day.

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