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Darrell Vickers: What Are Words Worth?

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Darrell VickersThe Self-Serving Preamble:

I have spent my entire adult life splashing ludicrous amounts of ink onto 8½” by 11” sheets of paper in the fanciful hope that some semblance of remuneration would be forthcoming.  While the financial reciprocation for my humorous lucubrations has not always found me drinking Montrachet Grand Cru from the footwear of a Hollywood starlet, it has at least kept the bailiff from my door.

But the written word has not only been the meat on my table.   It has guided me, like a helpful usher, to the comfy seat of sanity in a crowded theatre of fools and also provided a sturdy shovel with which to dig through the defecatory deposits that life plops upon one daily.

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